Adwords Integration

From Net-Results Support

What this integration does

Track the performance of your Google AdWords efforts at the Campaign, Ad Group, and Keyword levels directly in Net-Results. Once enabled, we begin pulling in your Adwords statistics within their own Dashboard.

Where to find it

An additional selection of "Adwords" will be found under your Dashboards. Once setup has been completed "Manage your Adword account." will be displayed, allowing for access to your Google Adwords credentials to authorize the retrieval of your data. Please don't hesitate to contact our Support team if you have any questions on this functionality

Data Not Showing?

  • It takes up to 24 hours for Net-Results to retrieve your data from AdWords (Google's restriction, not ours), so if you've recently enabled your AdWords integration please be patient.
  • Using AdBlock Plus? Make sure you disable it when logged in to Net-Results. We've seen ADP block the AdWords dashboard just because it says the word "AdWords" on the page.