Analytics Dashboard

From Net-Results Support

The Analytics Dashboard provides charts and tabular data that allow you to visualize analytic information about the traffic to your website.

Power Tool - Fully Custom Analytics

The charts and data displayed on the Analytics Dashboard change based on the Segment you select and the date range you apply. Because Net-Results Segments allow you to filter by any set of criteria you choose, the Analytics Dashboard allows you to examine traffic patterns in ways not possible with other systems.

The Timeline Chart allows you to graph the following

  • Visits: Shows the number of visits on each date in the selected range
  • Visitors: Shows the number of visitors (repeat and unique) on each date in the selected range
  • Page Views: The number of pages viewed on each date in the selected range
  • Pages Per Visit: The average number of pages per visit on each date in the selected range
  • Bounce Rate: The percentage of visits that consisted of a single page view on each date in the selected range
  • Average Visit Duration: The average amount of time spent during visits to your site on each date in the selected range
  • Percent New Visits: The percentage of visitors who had never visited your site before

The Traffic Sources pie chart shows you the percentage of traffic that arrived at your website via...

  • Search Engine (includes only natural/organic search)
  • Direct Access (those who typed in your URL directly, had it bookmarked, etc.
  • Referral (a direct, inbound link to your site from a 3rd party other than a search engine such as a blog, article, or banner advertisement
  • Paid Search (Net-Results currently identifies paid searches only from Google AdWords & AdSense)

The Top Ten Pages Viewed table shows you which pages were viewed most often during the date range applied.


When I apply our "Inbound Traffic" Segment, I can see that through the first 3 weeks of January, 54% of Net-Results' site visitors arrived via search or referral from a 3rd party site (32% natural search, 22% referrals). This Segment excludes all Net-Results employees and all of our active customers.

These numbers are dramatically different than when I examine the same period but apply the "All Contacts" Segment (a default Segment with no filtering at all) which shows only 25% of visitors arriving in this manner (14% natural search, 11% referral).

It's very useful to be able to exclude employees and customers from our analytics data. Segments allow us to look at trends related to natural search, site stickiness, repeat visits, etc. and know that we're looking at valid data. Based on the Segment applied when viewing the Analytics Dashboard, you can easily examine the habits of visitors that...

  • Arrived at your site using a certain search phrase on Google
  • Click through a specific banner ad placed with a 3rd party
  • Clicked through a specific email within a recent lead nurturing campaign
  • Viewed your conversion offer but did not complete the form
  • Compare them to people who did convert via the same form...

(The Segment criteria we use in the Inbound Traffic Segment are 1) Company Does Not Equal Net-Results and 2) Page Viewed Does Not Match