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Net-Results can now host your downloadable content, such as whitepapers, case studies, and brochures in our Asset Manager. No more waiting for your IT or Web team to get a new asset uploaded onto your website, simply upload it to Net-Results on your own.

We can usually track downloads of files that you host yourself, however certain browser privacy settings can get in the way. The advantages to having Net-Results host these files for you are two-fold:

  • More reliable tracking - if we're hosting the file, we definitely know when it is accessed, and by whom (provided the Contact has been identified)
  • Better reporting - an entire dashboard is devoted to showing you how many times your Assets were downloaded and by whom.

Required Setup

To enable the features of the Asset Manager, you will need to "point" a subdomain to us, such as This is so that we can host the files on your behalf but have it look like they're on your domain when the direct URL is used within an email or landing page and to allow for more reliable tracking.

This is done by adding a CNAME record to your DNS "zone file" that points to

If this sounds complicated, don't worry; all it's doing is re-labeling part of your website to tell a browser that the content lives elsewhere. All you need to do is choose a subdomain such as:

  • or

Have the CNAME record added for that subdomain, and you're ready to configure Assets in Net-Results. DNS record configuration is usually done either where your domain is registered or whether it's hosted, wherever your DNS is managed, and the process varies slightly from provider to provider. Your website admin or IT should be able to do this, if you're not able to do it yourself.

It can be any subdomain, as long as it's not already in use for another purpose, though most customers do opt to use our naming convention of Once it's been setup, navigate to the Marketing Center > Assets area and enter the subdomain into the box provided, then save the configuration.

Uploading and Using Assets

Once you supply the subdomain where the Assets will be hosted, you can launch the Asset Manager to select and upload your files.

Assets you upload will always be located at whatever subdomain you chose (based on the steps above), in a folder called assets, for example:

If you have any sub-folders, they will come after the /assets/.

To get the URL of your uploaded file:

  • Find the asset within the File Manager
  • Right-Click on the file
  • Select "Get Info"
  • Right-Click on URL Link
  • Select "Copy Link Address"

Note: There is a separate area to host images for your Emails and Landing Pages. Assets is designed for downloadable content that you want reportable statistics on.


In addition to a downloaded asset being segment-able using the Specific Page Viewed condition and becoming part of a Contact's Activity Stream, you can see the performance of your assets via the Downloads Dashboard. If this dashboard has no downloads to display, your chosen subdomain may not be getting tracked in Net-Results. Please contact Support if you believe this to be the case.

Downloads Dashboard