Campaign Overview

From Net-Results Support

So you’ve built out content in Net-Results in the shape of emails, forms, landing pages, etc. and now you want to launch your content to your target audience. Where do you do this within Net-Results? You accomplish this through a Net-Results campaign.

A Net-Results campaign is where you execute your marketing strategy and leverage the Net-Results elements you’ve built (emails, forms, landing pages, segments, etc.).

You may only need to use a campaign to send an email blast to a specific list. This is accomplished through a Net-Results campaign.

You may also want to take other actions besides an email send. This is where the true power of Net-Results campaigns comes into play.

Campaign Capabilities

In many campaign systems a "campaign" consists of the sending of a single email blast. Net-Results defines Campaigns very differently.

A Net-Results Campaign may take an unlimited number of actions over an unlimited amount of time (or it may simply send a single email to the members of a list) letting you designate specific nurture paths for your campaign participants.

Campaigns allow you to leverage the incredible power of Net-Results Segments to trigger subsequent actions based on real-time lead/contact behavior, demographics or CRM data. A variety of actions may be triggered at any point in any campaign, the sending of an email being just one of the available actions.

Net-Results provides an easy to use drag-and-drop campaign canvas within which you will create your Nurture Campaigns, and a streamlined email selection interface for your Drip Campaigns.

We also handle many things for you to make your life as easy as we can:

  • Unsubscribes/Opt-outs are processed automatically
  • Hard & Soft Bounces are handled for you
  • We work with major ISPs and ESPs to ensure your emails reach their destination mailboxes

Dedicated IP addresses and load-balanced IP address pools are provisioned automatically

Campaign Types (Drip and Nurture)

Net-Results offers 3 different types of campaigns:

Drip Campaigns exist solely to send an email or a series of emails, with optional Lead Scoring based on Opens or Clicks of the email(s). Drip Campaigns do not conditionally branch; if 5 emails are configured to send on a schedule, all contacts will be sent all 5 emails unless they bounce or unsubscribe.

Nurture Campaigns can take a variety of actions, including Send Email, and they can do so conditionally based on the attributes and/or behavior of the participating contacts. Nurture Campaigns can "hand off" to other Campaigns using the Modify List Membership action, or automatically re-send an email to all of the contacts who didn't open the previous email. You must use a Nurture Campaign if you wish it to perform any actions outside of sending email (and lead scoring based on clicks/opens), including but not limited to:

  • Syncing data to your CRM
  • Registering a contact for a GoToWebinar
  • Modifying List Membership
  • Assigning Lead Ownership

A/B Email Test Campaigns are commonly used to gauge performance for different Subject Lines, different versions of content, or other subtle variations on a subset of your audience prior to sending to your entire audience. With Net-Results, the process is straightforward and only relies on a few settings.

Launching a Campaign

Net-Results Campaign Statuses

  • Under Construction: A Campaign that's been saved but not Activated will have a status of Under Construction.
  • Activated: When you're ready to turn your new Campaign on you'll click on Activate (at the bottom of the Campaign Canvas). Your Campaign will remain in a status of Activated until it's Launch date and time are reached.
  • Launched: A Campaign that is currently running will have a status of Launched.
  • Paused: Campaigns that have been Activated (but not yet Launched) or Launched but not yet Retired may be Paused.
  • Retired: Campaigns that have executed completely will have a status of Retired.

Pausing / Re-Activating a Campaign

For one reason or another you may need to pause a live Campaign. If you need to edit a Campaign that has been Activated or Launched you must Pause the Campaign first. This can be done to "One-Time" campaigns prior to their launch time or to "Perpetual" campaigns before their launch time or while they are active. Simply select the 'Pause Campaign' at the bottom of the campaign builder screen. When it is time to re-activate your campaign, all you need to do is select the on the 'Activate Campaign' again. "One-Time" campaigns may need their launch time updated if their scheduled time has passed. Retiring a Campaign

Retiring a Campaign halts all future campaign actions from moving forward. To retire a Campaign select the 'Retire Campaign' button. Be warned that if you retire a Campaign, you can not restart it. You will have to rebuild a new one. Additionally, if you have any Contacts that are in the middle of that Campaign, they will stop qualifying for any future actions in that Campaign.