Campaign Performance Dashboard

From Net-Results Support

We set out to create an attractive, easy to consume, and convenient way for you to explore the results of any given Campaign, both on and offline. The Campaign Performance dashboard replaces the "Statistics" tab you're used to viewing within individual Campaigns. This dashboard will save you time, provides more data, and presents a clearer view of a campaign's performance.

Where to find your Campaign Statistics

There are multiple ways to view your campaign statistics.

  1. Under the Marketing Center, hover over Campaigns and click on My Campaigns. A listing of your campaigns will appear. Find your Campaign and click on Statistics Icon.
  2. When viewing the Actions tab of your Nurture Campaign/Workflow you may click on Statistics Icon at the right side of any Campaign Branch.
  3. When working in your Campaign you can click on the Stats tab.
  4. Under Reporting, hover over Dashboards and click on Campaign Performance.

General Navigation

Campaign Performance Dashboard.png
  1. Campaign Selector - Start by typing the name of the campaign you wish to view or simply select from the drop down (the campaigns are listed in alphabetical order).
  2. Date Range - Select the start date and end date of your report.
  3. Segment Selector - Defaults to your Default Segment, normally your "All Contacts" segments. Please note that a highly complex segment may not display results.
  4. Campaign Information - Displays the Name, Description, Type and Status of the campaign.
  5. Metric Headers - Displays all contacts that qualified for your selected Segments based on who Qualified, was Sent an email, Opened, Clicked, Bounced and Unsubscribed.
  6. Additional Links - You view Email Activity, Links Clicked and the Domain Report by clicking on any of these links. A new dashboard section will become visible when you click the link.
  7. Campaign Setup - You can jump directly back to any tab of the selected Campaign's by hovering over the "Campaign Setup" dropdown and selecting the tab you would like to view.


Net-Results will report on the following statistics:

  • Qualified: The number of Contacts that met your criteria to receive an Email.
  • Sent: The number of Contacts that your Email was sent to. This number may be less than the number that Qualified because Net-Results will omit Contacts who have unsubscribed, have had hard bounced emails or have no email addresses associated with their record.
  • Opens: The open rate of your Campaign. The formula used to arrive at this number is Opens / Total Sends.
  • Clicks: The click through rate of your email campaign. Net-Results reports both the unique clicks and total clicks associated with the email. The percent is calculated by dividing the number of unique clicks by the number of unique opens.
  • Visits: The percentage shown is calculated with as Unique Visits / Unique Opens. In order for Net-Results to count a visit, the Contact must have visited a web page that has Net-Results tracking code in place. If your email contained links to any 3rd party websites Net-Results will not be able to track and therefore report on the Visit.

    Please Note: If you link directly to a PDF in your email Net-Results will not be able to report the fact that the pdf was viewed (because Net-Results tracking code cannot be installed in a PDF file). Rather than linking directly to a PDF, link to a landing page that in turn links to the PDF. Net-Results will be able to track/report on the click, the page view and the PDF view.

  • Unsubscribes: The unsubscribe rate of your email campaign. Net-Results will automatically prevent you from emailing Contacts who have unsubscribed from your mailings.
  • Bounces: The hard bounce rate of your email campaign. A hard bounce is an email message that has been returned to you because the recipient's address is invalid. A hard bounce might occur because the domain name doesn't exist, their email account has been deleted, or there's some type of network problem on the recipient's end. Contacts who hard bounce will not qualify for future Campaigns.

Important: You can use the Segment Selection drop-down to view statistics for a certain Segment. If you want all of the stats, make sure the All Contacts Segment is selected.

Additional Reports

Email Activity Links Clicked Domain Report
View the Sents, Opens, Clicks, Bounces and Unsubscribes across any date range.
Campaign Performance Dashboard EmailActivity.png
See which one of your links performed the best.
Campaign Performance Dashboard LinksClicked.png
View all of the Top Domains that engaged with your email campaign.
Campaign Performance Dashboard TopDomains.png


Can I easily identify who clicked or opened?

Yes. Simply hover over the metric heading (#5 under General Navigation) you would like to view and select "View These Contacts" or "Download CSV". Selecting the "View These Contacts" option will bring you to the My Contacts page automatically filtered with the contacts for the specific metric you selected. Selecting the "Download CSV" option will prompt a download of all the contacts for the specific metric.

Why are my results showing zero?

Please be aware of the Segment and or date range selected (#2 and #3 under General Navigation). Selecting the "All Contacts" Segment and a start date equal to the launch date of the campaign will provide unfiltered statistics. Please contact support if your results still return empty values.

Can I see individual email performance?

Net-Results' default view will provide statistics that aggregate across all branches of your campaign (if your Campaign does indeed have multiple branches). If you do have multiple branches in your Campaign, you may select any individual branch (Campaign Action Group) to view the statistics for that particular branch. See the example below: