Implementation Instructions

From Net-Results Support

Rapid Implementation

  • Getting started with Net-Results requires the insertion of a small block of javascript into the standard or “included” footer in your website.

  • Companies with 2,000 page websites have implemented Net-Results in literally 5 minutes.

Locating Your Implementation Code

  1. Login to your Net-Results account. Don't have a Net-Results account? Start a Free Trial.
  2. Navigate to your My Account page in Net-Results. (Click on your email address at the upper right corner in Net-Results)
  3. At the upper right you'll find a section labeled "Your Implementation Code". It will look very much like the example below...

<script id="__maSrc" type="text/javascript" data-pid="XXXX">
(function () {
	var d=document,t='script',c=d.createElement(t),s=(d.URL.indexOf('https:')==0?'s':' '),p;
	c.type = 'text/java'+t;
	c.src = 'http'+s+'://'+s+'';

Where to Place Your Implementation Code

The line of javascript must be placed within the <body> of each page. If your website employs a standard (or "included") footer that's part of each page (which is very common), the code can be placed just once into that included footer. Because the footer is a part of every page of your website you're implementation will be complete in minutes.

The ideal location to place the code is immediately above the </body> tag at the end of each page, though this is not a requirement. Any competent web professional will understand these instructions and in most cases can implement Net-Results in 15 minutes or less.

Tip: Using Google Tag Manager? Check out our instructions on how to add the Net-Results tracking code to your website with Google Tag Manager.

Want Net-Results to Monitor/Track Multiple Sites/Domains?

You'll need to contact us at Email: letting us know the full URL of each domain you'd like Net-Results to monitor. You'll also want to learn a bit about Domain Groups and Domain Branding.