Implementation Instructions

From Net-Results Support

Rapid Implementation

  • Getting started with Net-Results requires the insertion of a small block of javascript into the standard or “included” footer in your website.

  • Companies with 2,000 page websites have implemented Net-Results in literally 5 minutes.

Locating Your Implementation Code

  1. Login to your Net-Results account. Don't have a Net-Results account? Start a Free Trial.
  2. Navigate to your My Account page in Net-Results. (Click on your email address at the upper right corner in Net-Results)
  3. At the upper right you'll find a section labeled "Your Implementation Code" (which was updated as of February, 16, 2018 to stop ad blockers from blocking your forms).
  4. When you hover your mouse of the implementation code, a small "Copy" button will appear in the upper right corner. Click the button to copy your code.

Where to Place Your Implementation Code

The line of javascript must be placed within the <body> of each page. If your website employs a standard (or "included") footer that's part of each page (which is very common), the code can be placed just once into that included footer. Because the footer is a part of every page of your website you're implementation will be complete in minutes.

The ideal location to place the code is immediately above the </body> tag at the end of each page, though this is not a requirement. Any competent web professional will understand these instructions and in most cases can implement Net-Results in 15 minutes or less.

Tip: Using Google Tag Manager? Check out our instructions on how to add the Net-Results tracking code to your website with Google Tag Manager.

Want Net-Results to Monitor/Track Multiple Sites/Domains?

You'll need to contact us at Email: letting us know the full URL of each domain you'd like Net-Results to monitor. You'll also want to learn a bit about Domain Groups and Domain Branding.