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Landing Page Builder

Landing Pages are web pages you drive prospects to with (usually) a single purpose - getting them to take an action you desire. Net-Results makes it easy to build landing pages using a drag and drop builder without the need to know HTML.

  • You can build as many landing pages as you like, we'll host them for you
  • Your landing pages can include Forms you've built in Net-Results so your prospects can take action
  • Net-Results automatically tracks all visits to your landing pages. If you include a Net-Results form on your page, we'll track Impressions (the number of page views), Conversions (the number of prospects who submit your form) and your Conversion Rate for each landing page automatically!

Getting Setup

To access the features of the Landing Page Builder, you will need to "point" a sub-domain to us. This is so that we can host the landing pages on your behalf, and makes it much easier for you to create them (and for us to track them). No more fussing around with your IT or web team to get a new page created and uploaded onto your website.

This is done by adding a CNAME record to your DNS "zone file" that points to

If this sounds complicated, don't worry; all it's doing is re-labeling part of your website to tell a browser that the content lives elsewhere. All you need to do is choose a sub-domain such as:

  • or

Asset Hosting is also available, and also requires a CNAME record. If you're requesting one be setup for your new Landing Pages, you can save time by adding another such as or that points to

It can be any sub-domain--as long as it's not already in use for another purpose. Whoever administrates your DNS can create the CNAME record, and you'll enter the sub-domain you chose into Net-Results on the Landing Page Builder screen.

Note: Unlike using our Unbounce integration, our Landing Page Builder automatically adds the Net-Results tracking code to every page you create, so there is no need to add it yourself.

Creating Landing Pages

Drag & Drop Landing Page Builder

You may now leverage your Net-Results Landing Pages as part of your Custom Unsubscribe method.

Landing Page Properties

Follow these steps to build your Landing Page:

  • Under Marketing Center > Landing Page Builder, click New Landing Page. This will launch the editor.
  • Within the Page Properties, give your Landing Page a Name and a Location, then click Save.
    • The name is just a label, and can be any name you choose.
    • The Location is the actual file name to be housed on the subdomain you point to us (no need to include the, we're taking care of that part). Since it is a filename, usage of special characters is restricted so they will be converted to dashes or underscores.
  • Adjust the colors and sizing of the Page and Canvas areas.
    • The Page section represents the "background," while your Landing Page elements will be placed on the Canvas area.
    • You will also use the Page Properties to configure whatever element you have selected later on.

Landing Page Elements

You're now ready to begin adding elements, or the pieces that make up your landing page (shown right). The drag-able items on the right side are all of the available elements you may add to your landing page:

  • Box: Add an empty box that can be sized and set to any color you wish.
  • Image: Add an image hosted by Net-Results.
    • Dragging an Image will bring up the Landing Page Image Selector, which has access to any and all images you have uploaded for your Net-Results Emails.
    • Currently images cannot be resized from within the canvas; you will need to size your images before placing them.
  • Text: Add a box containing text which you can then style and add hyperlinks to.
  • Line: Add a horizontal line of whatever thickness and color you like.
  • Form: Add one of your Net-Results forms.
    • Currently forms and form elements cannot be resized from within the canvas.
    • Configuring your Form here in the Landing Page Builder will override the previously-defined behavior of your Form Actions, such as Adjust Lead Score and Send Auto Responder. We offer this capability so that you can use the same Form on as many Landing Pages as you like, but its behavior can be distinct to each time you use it.
  • HTML: Add a block of your own HTML code.
Selecting and Altering Elements

After you've added an element, clicking on it will select it. Your selected element will have a gray border to indicate that it is the one selected. This border will not appear in the final version of your Landing Page. Once an element is selected, you can do various things to alter it:

  • Editing Text: To edit the content of one of your Text Boxes, simply double-click the box.
  • Replacing an Image: To replace an Image you've already placed on the canvas, double-click the image and choose a new one.
  • Configure: Clicking the Configure button, or the wrench icon, will bring up the properties that can be altered for the selected element. These vary depending on the type of element selected. For instance, an image can be hyperlinked so that when it is clicked the browser goes to a new page. Configuring a form (as stated above) allows you to specify/override the Actions that will be taken when that form is submitted.
  • Delete: Clicking the Delete button, or the trash can icon on the upper-right of the element, will delete the selected element.
  • Resize: Clicking the handles on the sides or corners of boxes will allow you to drag and resize them as you like. Forms and images cannot currently be resized in this way.
  • Moving: Dragging a selected element will move it around. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move it one pixel at a time, or hold the Shift key and use the arrow keys to move it ten pixels at a time.
Saving, Previewing, and SEO

The buttons on the top-right allow you to:

  • Configure the SEO portions of the Landing Page such as the title and META tags.
  • Save your changes, and do it often. Your Landing Page will be live/published upon your first Save.
  • Preview how your new Landing Page will look. Note that refreshing a Preview tab/window after making changes will not load your changes. You will need to close the Preview tab and click the Preview button again.
  • Create a copy of this Landing Page using the Save As button.
  • To familiarize yourself with the Landing Page Builder, we recommend you build a "Thank You" page that you can use as a Redirect URL when you begin building your Forms.
  • More tips coming soon!

Custom HTML Landing Page Builder

You'll find that the Custom HTML Landing Page Builder shares the same look and feel with our Email Builder. It's a familiar tool and easy to work with.

  • We've added a button that allows you embed your Net-Results Forms with ease
  • Leverage responsive design in your custom HTML
  • Go to town with Custom CSS - It's your HTML and there are no restrictions
  • Preview your landing pages in both browser and mobile formats
  • Add Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and/or custom javascripts in your HTML as you choose (Custom javascript will not be executed in the builder itself, but is executed in the preview)
  • The Net-Results tracking beacon/code is added to your landing pages for you automatically

Form Builder

For more details on our Form Builder, click here.