From Net-Results Support

Some quick facts about Net-Results Lists:

  • You may create an unlimited number of Lists
  • Each List may have an unlimited number of Contacts associated with it
  • Each Contact may be a member of an unlimited number of Lists
  • The number of Lists you create has no impact on your subscription fee
  • You can easily use Lists to perform A/B Split Testing.

Important: The Lists screen has modified to load faster than ever before, using periodically summarized numbers. If you've done a recent import, or believe the count of records or mailable records might be incorrect, click the refresh icon for that list to update the counts.

Useful Tip

Net-Results Lists can be used in the same way that "tags" are used on blogs and other Web 2.0 applications (learn more about tagging). Because Net-Results Segments allow you to filter Contacts based on List membership, you can do some very powerful things with Lists and Segments.

Creating, Modifying and Deleting a New List

There are 3 ways to create a new List in Net-Results.

  • From the Contacts & Accounts menu item, select Lists and then Create New
  • Select Create New List from the Create New drop down list available in the left navigation throughout Net-Results
  • When Uploading Contacts (via CSV Import), you may create a new List "on the fly"

The Net-Results API offers methods for automating list management. API access is included with your Net-Results subscription at no additional charge.

  • Editing the name of a List will not affect any Campaigns or Segments that make use of the List. The newly edited name will immediately be displayed wherever that List is used.
  • Deleting a List does not delete the Contacts that are members of that List.

Here are some more details for your options on the My Lists area:

  • Name: The title of your list. Clicking on the name will take you to the Contacts page filtered to show only members of the given List.
  • Size: The total number of Contacts associated with the List.
  • Mailable Size: Mailable Size reflects the total number of Contacts on the list to whom you may send emails. Net-Results will not send any email to Contacts who are flagged as Bounced or Unsubscribed. The Mailable Size = all contacts with an email address - (total Bounced + total Unsubscribed).
  • Refresh: The counts on My Lists only update on an hourly basis. If you have just made changes to a List's members, or believe the counts to be incorrect, clicking the Refresh icon will poll for the most current Size and Mailable Size immediately.
  • Date Created: Displays the date and time the list was created.
  • View: The View Members link will take you to the Contacts page filtered to show only members of the given List.
  • Folder: Select which folder or subfolder you'd like your List to be stored in.
  • Edit: Edit the List Name, Role and Folder for the selected list.
  • Delete: Any List can be deleted unless it has been used in a Campaign. In those cases, an Archive User would be the best way to hide your unwanted List(s) from view using Roles. Contact Support if you would like assistance with this option.


Useful Tip: Scrolling through lots of Lists to find the one you're looking for slows you down! In every part of Net-Results where you would normally scroll through your Lists you now have the option to type a few letters to instantly filter your Lists.

Lists vs Subscriptions

Lists are internal-facing to you. You control who is on your lists and only you see this. The customer doesn't see the lists. This is so you can group contacts in a way that makes sense for your emailing purposes. Lists are built by you (the marketer or user of Net-Results) and they are controlled by you. The recipient of your communications cannot unsubscribe from a list because it's an internal group of records.

Subscriptions are a bit different. Although subscriptions are similar to lists from a coding standpoint, subscriptions are maintained by your contacts/recipients. You build the subscriptions and then you can allow your recipients to control which subscriptions they want to opt-in or opt-out of. Subscriptions are different than lists in the sense that contacts can unsubscribe from specific subscriptions without unsubscribing from all of your emails as a whole. Subscriptions are customer-facing so that your recipients know where they stand in terms of the types of communications they are receiving from you.

So both are ways to group your contacts, but they differ when you think about the control of them and how they are leveraged.