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The Website Visitors page provides real-time "Individual Analytics"TM that detail every action taken by every visitor to your website.

  • Use Segments to filter the results shown on Website Visitors based on parameters of your choosing (such as number of pages viewed, search phrase, specific page viewed, etc.)
  • Apply a date range to examine particular time periods
  • Click on column headings to sort by date, visitor name/company, number of pages viewed or visit duration
  • We offer the ability embed some of the information found on the Website Visitors page into your web-based application via an iframe.

Each row on the Website Visitors page provides details about a visitor and their visit(s) to your website during the date range you've applied.

My Visitors: Example Visitor Record


Date: This shows the date and time of the most recent page view by this Visitor within the selected date range.

Visitor: This column displays a wealth of information about the visitor.

  • Name, Phone and Email will be displayed if the visitor has clicked through on any email you've launched via Net-Results or if the visitor has submitted a web form that you have mapped within Net-Results.

  • Location: Net-Results attempts to trace the physical location of each visitor based on their IP address. Location information derived in this manner is not always accurate due to the nature of IP addressing.
    If the location information is updated either by the Contact (by filling out a mapped web form) or by a Net-Results user (manually or via .csv file upload), the updated information will always take precedence over the information derived via IP address.

  • Traffic Source tells you how this visitor arrived at your website. Traffic Sources identified by Net-Results include:

    • Search Engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo. The exact search phrase typed into the search engine will also be displayed. Clicking the search phrase will open a new window in which the exact search used by the visitor has been performed for you so you may see how your website ranked in the search results for that phrase.

    • Paid Search: Net-Results recognizes and differentiates between paid search traffic originating from both Google AdWords and Google AdSense campaigns. If the visitor clicked on one of your AdWords ads, Net-Results will display the exact search phrase used by the visitor to trigger the display of your ad (click the search phrase to perform the same search as the visitor). If the visitor clicked on one of your AdSense ads, Net-Results will display the URL of the page on which your ad was displayed (the URL will be an active link so that you may view your ad in context).

    • Email Campaign: When you launch your email Campaigns through Net-Results, Net-Results tracks not only the fact that they clicked through, but also every move they make as they browse your website during the resulting visit and on subsequent repeat visits to your site, even when the original email has been discarded. When a visitor arrives via a link in a Net-Results tracked email the Traffic Source will display both the name of the Campaign and the name of the email within that Campaign that triggered the visit.

    • Referrer When a visitor arrives at your site via a link on a 3rd party website such as a blog, the URL of the page on which that link appears is known as the Referrer. Net-Results will display that Referrer as the Traffic Source. The referrer is an active link that when clicked opens a new tab/window and loads the referring page itself.

    • Direct Access When a visitor accesses your site by typing in its address, clicking from a non-browser link (like a PDF or non-Net-Results email), or clicking a bookmark they may have created, Net-Results will display "Direct Access" as the Traffic Source.

  • Actions The Actions pull-down menu offers you multiple options.
    My Visitors: Available Actions

    • View Contact Details: This will take you to the Contact Details page where you may edit the Contact, view/manage their List Membership and view the Contact's Activity Stream and Lead Score details.

    • Apply a Filter:
      My Visitors: Apply a Filter
      This allows you to filter the Contacts you're viewing on the Website Visitors page to show only Contacts similar to the one you're currently looking at. Click this icon, then click one of the green icons that appear on the page to apply the filter (see the image to the right for an example).

      When a filter is applied a summary of all active filters will appear at the top of the page that will allow you to remove any/all applied filters.

    • Search Google: Clicking this will open a new browser tab/window in which we've performed a Google search for you for the company name of the Contact in question.

    • Search LinkedIn: Clicking this will open a new browser tab/window in which we've performed a LinkedIn search for the company name of the Contact in question and, if available, the first and last name of the Contact as well.

    • Search Jigsaw: Jigsaw is a web-based service that allows you to buy information about Contacts on a one-off basis. Clicking this icon performs a Jigsaw search for the name of the Company in question and returns to you the companies that may be a match as well as the job titles of the Contacts available for purchase. You may select and purchase one or more Contacts from the Jigsaw search results which will be automatically added as Contacts in your Net-Results account.

      This option requires you to have configured a Jigsaw account for use with Net-Results.

    • Email Details of this Visit: This allows you to cause an HTML email that provides the details of this Contact's website visit activity to be sent to the recipient(s) of your choosing. The content of this email depends on the date range you have applied and contains the same information about the visitor and their visit(s) as you see on the Website Visitors page.

    • Add This Contact to CRM: Net-Results provides native (built-in) integrations with various CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software solutions. If you've activated one of these integrations within Net-Results you will see an option labeled "Add Contact to [your CRM]". Please refer to our documentation on integrating with your CRM solution for details. Net-Results currently offers native integrations with the following CRM systems.

    • Flag as an ISP: You may exclude "Known ISPs" in any given Net-Results Segment as you choose. You may, for example, only want to view visitors whose company or Contact name is available in Net-Results. Our database of ISPs is not perfect. Flag as an ISP allows you to suggest additions to our database of ISPs which, when approved by Net-Results, are forever excluded from then on when utilizing any Segment that you've set to exclude Known ISPs.

  • Pages Viewed: Shows the total number of pages viewed by this visitor during their visit(s) to your website within the date range you've applied.

    Clicking on the number of pages viewed (or the icon located immediately below the number of pages viewed) will cause Net-Results to show you the details of every page viewed by the visitor in question during the date range you've selected.

  • Duration: This column displays the total amount of time this visitor spent on your website during the date range you've applied.

    Please note that Net-Results does not calculate a page view duration when a visit consists of only a single page view. When only one page is viewed during a visit will display "N/A" rather than an actual duration.

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