From Net-Results Support

Profiles allow you to control which areas of the system may be accessed by a given user or group of users.

(Roles allow you to control which users have access to which "objects" in Net-Results such as individual Contacts, Lists, Emails, Campaigns, etc.)

  • Use Profiles to restrict access to sections of Net-Results for certain groups of users (restricted tabs will not even be displayed)
  • Profiles can also restrict access to sub-sections of Net-Results (such as the Campaigns section of the Marketing Center)

Using Profiles

Net-Results provides a few basic profiles which you may use to "group" your users. You can use these, rename them, or create all new Profiles to suit your needs. Just click Edit Permissions for that Profile, and change the selections.

For example, if you want your Sales team to be able to view Contacts but not launch Campaigns, you can restrict the access of that Profile:


Each category is expandable using the [+] on the left, down to the most specific actions available within each.

For example, if you want to grant your Sales team access to view the performance statistics of Campaigns, but not create them, you can restrict that as well:


Note that if a Profile only has partial access to a category, a darkened [-] is shown rather than a check box.

Once you have your Profiles setup the way you want, you can edit your users to give your them the appropriate profile.