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Net-Results can email reports on a daily, weekly, monthly or immediate (one-time) basis. All Reports will come from We recommended you 'white list' this address in your spam filters or add it to your address book to ensure you receive these emails.

Report Types

My Visitors: Select this option to receive an excel report via email that will display all of the My Visitors Page data by category. Included in the report will be the following attributes: Date of Last Visit, Time of Last Visit, IP Address, Company Name, City, State, Country, Traffic Source, Search Phrases, Number of Pages Viewed, and Total Duration of Visits.

Traffic Source: Receive an excel report via email showing all sources of traffic to your website and the number of referrals for each source during the selected time period.

Searches: Receive an excel report via email with the top 25 Search Phrases used to navigate to your website and the total number of times each phrase was used during the selected time period.

Pages Viewed: Receive an excel report via email showing all the pages from your website that were viewed within the selected time frame. This report also tells how many times each page was hit and the total duration of time that was spent viewing each page.

The Pages Viewed Report, offers the following options:

  • Summary or Detail - Summary reports were previously available, giving you the Page URL and how many views it had. With the new Detail view, you can instead see exactly which Contacts viewed each page (either by Page or by Contact).
  • By Page or By Contact - As described above, the report can show how many views each Page had or each Contact had when in Summary. The original version of the report was Summarized, by Page. With the Detail option, you can now see which Pages each Contact viewed, or all of the Contacts that viewed each Page. The grouping you choose will depend on what you need at the time.
  • Filter by pages containing: - You can already determine which Contacts will be in the Report with your Segment Selection. By using the Filter option, you can narrow the Report to reflect data for only certain Pages as in .pdf or .xls (for file names ending in that extension), or /products (for any pages in that folder on your website).

Contacts: A basic report with only contact details for the qualified Contacts in the segment and timeframe you select.

The Rundown: An overview of the top 10 Visitors, Traffic Sources, Searches, and Pages Viewed for the selected Segment during the reporting period.

Campaigns: Campaign reports may be setup when you configure a given campaign. Reports, charts and statistics are accessed by navigating to the campaign you'd like to analyze. Campaigns may be found on the Marketing Center tab. Learn more here.

Conversations: View a conversation report for the selected reporting period. Conversations refer to interactions with those contacts who have received, clicked, or opened the tracked messages sent through the Send Net-Results Email feature in your SugarCRM or Integration.

Forms: The Form Report will email you a .csv file with all form submissions from the date range you chose. This report may be filtered by Segment as well.
You can run a report for any individual form or a report that includes all of your forms.

Conversions: The Conversions Report tallies the number of times any of your Net-Results Forms is displayed (Impressions) and submitted (Conversions). Whether your Form is embedded on a Net-Results Landing Page or on your own website, Impressions and Conversions are always tracked. The report also includes your conversion rate (conversions/impressions) as a percentage.

Setting Up Your Report

Report Name - We suggest making it as descriptive as possible for your benefit in identifying it in the future.

Report Frequency - Choose how often you want to receive this report from the drop down menu: Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Immediate (one-time only).

Note: If you select an immediate report, you must specify a time frame for which you wish to view the report as you are looking at past data. Daily Reports are sent after midnight each day and represent the previous day. Weekly Reports are sent on Monday mornings and represent the previous Monday through Sunday week. Monthly Reports are sent on the first day of the month and represent all data from the previous month.

Send Report To - Select who should receive this report. This section will default to the email address of the user logged on to the system. You can delete if desired and/or add additional emails addresses; separate multiple addresses with a comma.

Save/Cancel - Once you have created a new Report, make sure you hit the Save button at the bottom of the page. Your new saved Report can now be viewed or modified from the View/Modify Reports page. If you choose not to save, selecting Cancel will erase all of the selections you have made.