SageSalesLogix Marketing Automation Integration

From Net-Results Support

Net-Results provides a "native" (built-in) integration with Sage SalesLogix (SLX). This integration is available at no additional charge and is compatible with the Version 7.

  • You must create a Lead Score Overlay and set it as your Default. No rules are required immediately, but an Overlay must be created.

What does integration do?

The major features of our integration are as follows:

Once integrated, Net-Results will "pull" Contact and List data from SalesLogix both in an initial sync and on an hourly basis afterward. The option to "push" data to SalesLogix will be available in multiple areas, including:

  • Sync this Campaign with SalesLogix: Creates a Campaign in SalesLogix into which you can enter additional details. When combined with the Sync Action, this enables you to better analyze your Net-Results campaign performance within your CRM.
  • Sync with SalesLogix Action: Allows you to sync a record as a Contact or Lead, and create an Activity as well as assign it to an owner, as part of your Campaign. For example, if a recipient exhibits certain interest by clicking links inside your first email and qualifies for later branches of your campaign by visiting additional pages on your site, you can add them to SalesLogix and schedule a follow-up for a member of your Sales team.
  • Net-Results Contacts can also be synced on a one-off basis from the Contact View.

Once enabled, the following features are added:

  • Dashboard: View the Net-Results Dashboards section directly in SalesLogix, including the Hot Lead Breakdown areas Most Active Visitors, Top Lead Scores, and Recent Activity. Even apply your Net-Results Segments!
  • Activity: The same Activity Stream in Net-Results is available within each of the Accounts, Leads, and Contacts sections. In addition, see their visit history, lead score (with the ability to make manual adjustments), and more!

Integration makes the information directly available in the CRM, so your Salespeople don't need to log into your Marketing platform!

Segment Fields Added

When integration is setup, the following fields are added to the Contact Attributes section to base a Segment, Campaign, or Lead Score Overlay rule on:

  • SalesLogix Account Account Manager
  • SalesLogix Account Division
  • SalesLogix Account Id
  • SalesLogix Account Industry
  • SalesLogix Account Name
  • SalesLogix Account Owner
  • SalesLogix Account Region
  • SalesLogix Account Revenue
  • SalesLogix Account Status
  • SalesLogix Account SubType
  • SalesLogix Account Territory
  • SalesLogix Account Type
  • SalesLogix Contact
  • SalesLogix Contact Account Manager
  • SalesLogix Contact Id
  • SalesLogix Contact Is Primary
  • SalesLogix Contact Owner
  • SalesLogix Contact Status
  • SalesLogix Contact SubType
  • SalesLogix Lead
  • SalesLogix Lead Account Name
  • SalesLogix Lead Id
  • SalesLogix Lead Industry
  • SalesLogix Lead Interest
  • SalesLogix Lead Is Primary
  • SalesLogix Lead Owner
  • SalesLogix Lead Priority
  • SalesLogix Lead Revenue
  • SalesLogix Lead Status
  • SalesLogix Lead Type
  • SalesLogix Opportunity Account
  • SalesLogix Opportunity Account Manager
  • SalesLogix Opportunity Actual Amount
  • SalesLogix Opportunity Closed
  • SalesLogix Opportunity Close Probability
  • SalesLogix Opportunity Id
  • SalesLogix Opportunity Name
  • SalesLogix Opportunity Owner
  • SalesLogix Opportunity Reseller
  • SalesLogix Opportunity Sales Potential
  • SalesLogix Opportunity Stage
  • SalesLogix Opportunity Status
  • SalesLogix Opportunity Type

Note: Certain Lists are also automatically generated based on SalesLogix field values.