Marketing Automation Integration

From Net-Results Support

Net-Results provides a "native" (built-in) integration with (SFDC). This integration is available at no additional charge. The integration is compatible with Group Edition and higher (Group, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited), however the Sync this Campaign option is not available with Group as it does not allow access to the Campaigns module. Note that your instance of Salesforce does not need to have the API enabled.

How do I get started?

For the integration, we will need:

  • Credentials for a Salesforce User with read/write permissions. This can be the Admin user but does not need to be, however the Marketing User option must be enabled for use with Campaign Syncing (not available with Group Edition). You may enter these credentials under the My Account > Salesforce Integration area. Note that any time this user's password and Security Token change, you will need to provide the updated credentials in this same section.
  • The required credentials include a Security Token for that user. The Security Token is tied to the password and issued whenever the password is changed. If you are not sure what your Security Token is, you can reset it and have it emailed to you by Salesforce. Note that resetting your Security Token will cause any other Salesforce API integrations you are using to stop authenticating.

To reset your security token, follow these steps:

  • Login to
  • At the top of any Salesforce page, click the down arrow next to your name. From the menu under your name, select Setup or My Settings (whichever one appears).
  • From the left pane, select one of the following:
    • If you clicked Setup, select My Personal Information then Reset My Security Token.
    • If you clicked My Settings, select Personal then Reset My Security Token.
  • Click the Reset Security Token button. The new security token is sent via email to the email address on your Salesforce user record.

If you do not see the Reset Security Token button, please contact Net-Results support.

NOTE: Enterprise Edition users will need to navitage to Setup -> Security Controls -> Session Settings and disable the following options:

  • Lock sessions to the IP address from which they originated
  • Enforce login IP ranges on every request
  • Enable clickjack protection for customer Visualforce pages with standard headers

You will need:

  • The most current version of the Net-Results module for Salesforce. This can be downloaded from the Salesforce AppExchange, or a link to it can be emailed to you by Support.
  • A Lead Score Overlay (one should have already been created for you by default).

Once the module is installed, follow these steps to enable the FunnelVision dashboard and other features:

Enable Net-Results Tab

These instructions add a navigation tab for Net-Results to give quicker access to our FunnelVision features:

  1. Login as the user you wish to enable this feature for (this must be done on a by-user basis)
  2. Click the plus (+) at end of top navigation tabs
  3. Click Customize My Tabs
  4. In the left box, find and click Net-Results
  5. Click the right arrow (>) to Add the item
  6. If necessary, modify the order by selecting Net-Results and using the up or down buttons
  7. Click Save

Enable Contact/Lead/Account Summary

  1. Click on the Leads tab on the top of the page
  2. Click the name of any Lead to view their record
  3. Click the Edit Layout link in the upper-right corner
  4. When you arrive on the Lead Layout screen, scroll down to the bottom of the Lead Sample area (this is right above the Open Activities area)
  5. Click and drag the Section button from within the Lead Layout pane above, dropping it just above the Custom Links area to create a new blank Section
  6. When you drop the item a modal will appear. Enter the name Net-Results Lead Summary at the top, then select the radio button for 1-Column Layout and click OK
  7. Click the Visualforce Pages item in the left column of Lead Layout pane near the top of the page
  8. In the right column of the Lead Layout pane, click and drag the Net-Results Contact Summary item and drop it within the new Section you just created
  9. After you drop the item, click the wrench in the upper right corner of the new box
  10. In the modal that appears, update the Height properties to 535 then select OK
  11. Select and drag the Lead Score field from the Lead Layout pane into the new Section
  12. Click Save in the Lead Layout pane

Repeat these same steps for the Contacts module. The steps are almost exactly the same for the Accounts module as well, except that the Height property must be set to 405.

What does this integration do?

With Salesforce, integration allows bi-directional synchronization of Contact and Lead data via the Contacts, Forms, and Campaigns areas (Nurture/Advanced Campaigns only).

Once the integration has been enabled by entering your credentials, Net-Results will:

  • Pull Lead/Contact data from Salesforce both in an initial, full sync and on a regular basis
    • You may also request a full/manual sync to be run at any time, and a manual sync may be required when you request Custom Fields to be mapped
  • Create and automatically maintain various Lists (for certain fields like Account Type and Opportunity Stage)
  • Create all of your Salesforce Users as Net-Results Users, both for authentication purposes and so that they can be set as Lead Owners

The integration also makes available our personalized sales dashboard called FunnelVision to be embedded in Salesforce, which enables the following features:

  • Who's Hot is a listing of Leads & Contacts owned by you (the logged in Salesforce user) sorted by Lead Score. This lets you see at a glance which prospects have been scoring big points due to their engagement with your website, emails and collateral.
  • Prospect Activity allows you to see which of your prospects have been on your website, exactly how they got there and what pages they viewed during their visit.
  • Anonymous Visitors shows you which companies are visiting your website who've not yet identified themselves by filling out a form or otherwise contacting you. This is great if you've got some down time and want to make some calls to drum up additional leads. These calls are much more effective when made to companies who are already checking out your company. This listing automatically excludes ISP visitors and those with no information, as these cannot be researched.
  • My Emails shows you all the Conversation emails you've sent to your prospects. You can see who's opened your emails, who's clicked through and how many times.
    • Conversations: The ability for you to make any email you've built in Net-Results available within Salesforce as a "Sales Template." Salesforce users can then choose from those templates, customize the messaging and send a fully trackable Net-Results email to any Lead or Contact. We call these emails Conversations. Conversation emails (and all associated activity such as email sends, opens, clicks & bounces) all flow directly to the prospect's Activity Stream (already available in both Net-Results & Salesforce).

Throughout FunnelVision you'll find that the names of your Leads, Contacts and Accounts are all links that allow you to navigate directly to the spot you'd like to go within Salesforce. We'll be rolling out additional features to FunnelVision in the coming weeks and months.

When does Net-Results sync to Salesforce?

  • An initial sync of all Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities from Salesforce to Net-Results begins when you complete the steps required to get the integration in place
  • All new and updated Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities are synced from Salesforce to Net-Results on an hourly basis thereafter
  • The "Sync this Lead" button allows you to push any newly created or modified Lead or Contact to Net-Results immediately if waiting for the hourly sync is inconvenient
  • You may trigger a "full sync" as needed via the "Salesforce Integration Setup" Page (accessible by hovering your email address at the upper right in Net-Results, then "Integration Settings"

You control when and what data is pushed to Salesforce using the following methods:

  • Campaign Settings - Sync this Campaign with Salesforce: Creates a Campaign in Salesforce into which you can sync Contacts/Leads (see below) as members, useful for running performance metrics based on budgets and other details in Salesforce. Must be used in conjunction with the Sync with Salesforce Action, and is only available in Nurture/Advanced Campaigns.
  • Campaign Actions - Sync with Salesforce: Allows you to push up the Participants of the Campaign to Salesforce. Configuring this action allows you to choose whether to create new prospects (ones who don't exist already in Salesforce by email address) as Contacts or Leads, who to assign them to (also known as Lead Owner), and their Lead Source. You may also update these last two items for existing Leads/Contacts. Even better, you may do this either for all participants of the campaign or conditionally as part of your nurture track using Campaign Branching. For example, if a recipient exhibits certain interest by clicking links inside your first email and qualifies for later branches of your Campaign by visiting additional pages on your site, you can add or update them in Salesforce.
  • Contacts: Using the Save and Add to Salesforce button on the Contacts screen, you can sync the record as a Contact or Lead (as above).
  • Forms: Using the Net-Results Form Builder, you may sync up the prospect as a consequence of any form submission.

In all areas, you have the option Schedule a Task (such as a phone call or email) to be assigned to the prospect and sales rep in Salesforce. Also, any Contact that has been previously synced (up or down) will automatically sync whenever their Lead Score changes.

Note: A Contact cannot be synced up to Salesforce without values in any of the following fields:

  • Email Address
  • Last Name
  • Company Name

Records can be synced from Salesforce without this information, but Salesforce does not allow new Leads/Contacts to be created without them.

Segment Fields Added

When integration is setup, the following fields are added to the Contact Attributes section to base a Segment, Campaign, or Lead Score Overlay rule on:

  • SalesForce Account Annual Revenue
  • SalesForce Account Id
  • SalesForce Account Industry
  • SalesForce Account Name
  • SalesForce Account Owner Email
  • SalesForce Account Owner First Name
  • SalesForce Account Owner Id
  • SalesForce Account Owner Last Name
  • SalesForce Account Type
  • SalesForce Contact
  • SalesForce Lead
  • SalesForce Lead Status
  • SalesForce Opportunity Amount
  • SalesForce Opportunity Expected Revenue
  • SalesForce Opportunity Lead Source
  • SalesForce Opportunity Name
  • SalesForce Opportunity Probability
  • SalesForce Opportunity Stage Name
  • SalesForce Opportunity Type
  • SalesForce Account Opportunity
  • SalesForce Account Opportunity Closed
  • SalesForce Opportunity
  • SalesForce Opportunity Closed

Note: Certain Lists are also automatically generated based on Salesforce field values.

Mapping Custom Fields (updated)

Besides our standard field mappings, any custom Contact/Lead or Account field in SalesForce can be mapped to Custom Fields in Net-Results. To do this, hover over your email address in the top-right corner, go to Integration Settings, SalesForce Integration Field Mappings.

On the top-right of this area, you will see three tabs:

  • Account Mappings, for mapping Account-level fields from SalesForce to Net-Results.
  • Contact Mappings, for mapping Contact-level fields from SalesForce to Net-Results.
  • Lead Mappings, for mapping Lead-level fields from SalesForce to Net-Results.

Note that often your Contact & Lead mappings will be very similar, but it is entirely possible to have certain Custom Fields only available to one module or the other. Once you update these mappings, navigate to Integration Settings, SalesForce Integration Field Mappings and you will be able to trigger a Full Sync to have Net-Results pull the new data down.