Search Phrases

From Net-Results Support

The Search Phrases section gives you a quick and convenient way to get a picture of your website's search traffic and search volume. You can easily use the provided tools to gauge the effectiveness of your organic and paid search efforts.

  • The data displayed is impacted by the Segment you select and date range you apply.
  • The ability to "filter" the data on this page based on the Segment you select means that you may analyze your data in nearly limitless ways.

Search Engine Selector
The Search Engine Selector allows you to view traffic from a single search engine. These sources include Google, AOL, MSN, Yahoo and many other well known Search Engines. This is a great way to see how your differing Search Engine Optimization strategies may be affecting various search engine traffic results.

Visits Column
This column tells you the total number of visits to your website that were generated from the specific Search Phrases. You can click on the 'Visits' heading to sort by total number of visits. You may sort by this column in ascending or descending order by clicking the Visits link in the red header bar.

Search Phrase
The Search Phrases displayed are all the search phrases used within the selected time period to drive traffic to your website. Clicking on the actual Search Phrase will automatically bring you to the My Visitors page, revealing the visitors who clicked on search results for that search phrase to find your site. If you have selected a specific search engine from the Search Engine Selector, that filter will also be applied on the My Visitors page. This is a great tool to gauge the popularity of a Search Phrase as well as monitor your paid search campaigns.

Google: (search phrase not provided)

If a visitor to your website is logged in to any Google product (GMail for example) when they perform a Google search, Google encrypts the search phrase making it impossible for Net-Results (or any other provider) to report to you the specific search phrase that was used.

In the past, visitors arriving at your site with an encrypted Google search phrase were reported by Net-Results as has having a Traffic Source of "Direct Access". Going forward, these visitors will show a Traffic Source of "Google" with the search phrase reading "(search phrase not provided)".

In effect, this change will benefit you in several ways:

  • A better understanding of the amount of inbound natural search traffic your website is generating
  • Clearer insight into which pages are attracting inbound traffic
  • "search phrase not provided" is segmentable as a search phrase within Net-Results allowing you to, for example, generate reports specific to visitors of this type for further analysis
  • Better alignment with traffic sources reported by 3rd party analytics services such as Google Analytics

Tip: With this differentiation, you can create a Segment to drill down on the activity of only these "search phrase not provided" Visitors to your site. By examining where they arrived and what other pages they hit, you can infer what they searched for or at least what they were interested in. Even better, setup a Pages Viewed Report based on that Segment to have the information automatically delivered to you on a regular basis.

Email Report Link
The Email Report link in the left navigational column will allow you to create an email report containing all of the details currently listed on the Search Phrases page with filters and date ranges applied. This report will contain all of the results of your filter, not just those displayed on the current page - in other words, you will receive a report containing the number of results listed on the paginator at the top of the list. When you click the link, you will be taken to the reports page and asked to set up a report. Most likely you will want to have the default settings of a Search Phrases report sent to you immediately. For more information on setting up reports, please visit the Reports support section.

Included in the report will be the Search Phrases and the number of visitors each phrase referred. If you wish to create a report of the actual visitors who came from a specific search phrase and/or engine, filter by the search engine using the Search Engine selector, then click the number in the visits column or search phrase link, which will take you to the My Visitors page. Then create an email report from the My Visitors page by clicking the Email Report link in the left navigational column.

If you wish to filter visitors by the results of the Search Phrases, Traffic Sources, and Pages Viewed pages (in any combination): Visit the Traffic Sources page and select a traffic source filter by clicking on either the number in the Visits column or the actual traffic source. This will take you to the My Visitors Page with that filter applied. Then visit the Pages Viewed page by clicking on the plus sign. Notice under Current Applied Filters that the traffic source filter you just applied will still be applied on this page. Select a specific page filter by clicking on either the number in the Visits column or the actual page URL. You will once again see the My Visitors page with both the traffic sources and Pages Viewed filters applied. Now you can email a report to yourself or anyone else in an Excel spreadsheet.