From Net-Results Support

Net-Results can now post directly to your social networks! With the Socialize features, post to one or more Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn accounts simultaneously - including company pages on both LinkedIn and Facebook. This makes it easier to get the word out across social networks consistently and on the proper timeline when you have news to share.

Socialize dashboard.png


From the Dashboard view, the following options are available:

  • Schedule a Post: Compose a new social network post for Twitter, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn.
  • Social Calendar: See past and future posts on a Calendar with options to view and edit. Hovering over a Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn icon will show the content of that post, click the icon to edit the post.
  • Manage Accounts: Enable/authorize us to post to your Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn accounts. You will either need to be signed in to your social account in this browser already or provide the credentials to authorize Net-Results to post on your behalf.
  • Search Social Posts: Search all posted and scheduled entries to see if they contain certain text. Use this to avoid duplicating your posts unintentionally.
  • Scheduled/Recent Posts: See and edit any recent or upcoming posts.

You can also see graphs of your recent posts within each social network, as well as how many upcoming posts you have scheduled (shown right).

Scheduling Posts

Choosing to Schedule a Post will bring up the composer. Here you choose which account(s) to post on, the content/length of your message, an image to go along with it, and the date/time of the post. The composer also shows what upcoming posts you have already scheduled.

Note: Accounts must first be authorized/enabled for you to post to them. Go to the Manage Accounts area to complete this before composing/scheduling your post.

You may post to as many Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts as you have authorized at the same time. Since Twitter's character restriction is 140, selecting even one Twitter account will impose this character limit. Posting only to Facebook accounts restricts the number of characters to 1000. If you choose to post to both types at once, your character limit will be 140.

Choose any image to accompany your posting by selecting it from the Asset Manager. Simply click the "browse" button to bring up the Asset Manager.

Choosing to edit a post from any screen will bring it up in the composer for you to make changes. You may edit any scheduled post prior to it posting.

When finished composing, choose Schedule Post to have it post on your chosen date/time or Post It Now to have it post immediately.