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Subscriptions allow you to categorize your communications so recipients of your email marketing messages can opt-out of specific types of messages without unsubscribing from your communications altogether.

NEW! You may now customize the unsubscribe options within your emails. Subscriptions are integral to this functionality.

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Subscription Setup

To setup a new Subscription, go to the Marketing Center and access Subscriptions. Then, click on New Subscription.


Subscription Name: The internal display name of the Subscription.
Public Name: The category name your recipients will see on Subscription Preferences when they attempt to unsubscribe.
Enabled: Choose whether this Subscription is active or inactive.
Role: Choose what role controls this Subscription.

Email Setup

When creating or editing your Email, you may now choose to associate it with an existing Subscription.


Subscription Preferences

When a recipient clicks to unsubscribe, they will have the option of which communications they want to opt-out of, or they can opt-out entirely.