The Big Picture

From Net-Results Support

Net-Results allows you to automate all kinds of marketing tasks. You end up getting more done in less time while doing a much better job of nurturing your prospects, uncovering qualified leads and driving revenue growth.

Net-Results is a Segment-Driven Marketing Automation Platform

Here's how it works:

  1. You create Net-Results segments that select the prospects you care about.
  2. You then tell Net-Results what marketing actions you'd like it to take when prospects qualify for your segments. Net-Results does what you ask. All the time. Even while you sleep. Like magic.

Your Segments can Trigger Lots of Automated Marketing Actions

When a prospect qualifies for one of your segments, what do you want Net-Results to do?

Segments Driving Actions

  • Create as many segments as you need. They're easy to make and incredibly powerful.
  • Associate as many automated actions as you require with any of your segments. Net-Results never sleeps and will follow your instructions 24/7.
  • Segments score your prospects and alert you when warranted. Segments drive custom reports to your inbox. Segments cause your lead nurturing campaigns to react based on prospect interaction. Segments help you deliver relevant messaging to the right group of prospects.

Segments Make Your Life Easier

  • Once you learn how to create a segment in Net-Results you know how use the entire platform. Everything is segment-driven. Learn once, use everywhere.
  • The world's most powerful marketing segmentation system is in your hands. And it will drive all of your marketing automation actions. This gives you the power to target prospects like never before and drive revenue-producing results.

But Wait, There's More

Net-Results provides lots of other tools to help you convert website visitors into prospects

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