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June 12, 2018

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve announced platform enhancements, but that doesn’t mean we stopped making improvements for you! Here’s what we’ve been up to…

  • Create & Edit Your Own Email Templates, Create New Emails from Your Template Library
    • We’ve added a new button to the Email Builder labeled “Save as Template”.
      • You can now save any of your emails as a template!
      • You can edit and delete any “Templates” you create
      • In tandem with this, you’ll also see an option to navigate to “My Email Templates”, a page where you can browse and search amongst the Templates you’ve created.
      • When viewing/editing any Template, you have the option to “Create Email From Template”
      • To be clear, you cannot send out a Template via a Campaign. You must create an Email from a Template and use that Email in your Campaign. Got it? Great!
  • Even More GDPR Related Additions and Changes
    • The European Union’s “GDPR” privacy regulations went into effect on May 25th. Here are several tools and helpful features designed for our European customers and everyone who does business with EU citizens:
      • Easily Exclude Contacts Who Have Not "Granted Consent" From Participating in any Campaign or Workflow
        • On the “Campaign Settings” tab, the first tab you see when creating a Campaign, you’ll now see a new checkbox labeled “GDPR Consent”. Checking this box will prevent your Campaign from emailing any Contacts who have not granted consent per the GDPR.
      • Want this box to be checked automatically whenever you create a new Campaign?
        • No problem! Click on your email address at the upper right corner in the Net-Results platform. This takes you to your “My Account” page where you’ll find a checkbox that allows you to “Require GDPR consent by default in Campaigns”. Have fun staying compliant out there! 😉
      • Comply with Requests from EU Subjects to Inspect the Data You’ve Gathered About Them
        • We added a button labeled “Export Contact Data” to the Contact Details page. Go ahead, click it! It will download the Activity Stream for that Contact in “JSON” format, a “machine readable” format that satisfies this GDPR requirement.
      • GDPR Compliant Contact Deletion
        • We’ve updated Net-Results’ deletion routine to be fully GDPR compliant. This means that deleting any Contact removes all identifying information for that Contact from the Net-Results platform.
      • Automatically Update the “GDPR Consent Granted” field via Nurture Campaign/Workflow
        • We added the ability to set the “GDPR Consent Granted” field to either true or false within any Nurturing Campaign/Workflow.
      • Mass Delete Contacts via .csv File Upload
        • To delete Contacts via a .csv file upload, create a .csv file with 2 columns:
        • A column labeled “Email Address” or similar
        • A column labeled “Delete Permanently” (you must use this exact label, though it’s not case sensitive)
      • The “Delete Permanently” column must contain the word “true” (or the number 1, which means true to geeks).
        • Uploading this .csv file will cause those uploaded Contacts to be permanently deleted so please use this capability with deliberate intention.
  • New API method for Deleting Contacts
    • For your deleting pleasure, we’re happy to announce the Contact::delete method.
      • This method accepts an array of either Contact IDs or email addresses.
      • Caveat emptor: As the documentation states, “This will PERMANENTLY DELETE these contacts and CANNOT BE UNDONE. They will no longer exist in your account and ALL OF THEIR INFORMATION WILL BE IRREVOCABLY LOST.” As such, this API method is GDPR compliant.
  • Conversation Emails Sent From CRM Auto-Tagged for Reporting
    • When your sales team sends a trackable email via your integrated CRM platform, those emails are sent as “Conversation” emails. We’re now “tagging” those emails for you automatically so you can gauge their performance on the “Conversation Dashboard” and via Scheduled Reports. Depending on what CRM platform you use, your emails will be tagged as:
      • Sent From Salesforce
      • Sent From Dynamics
      • Sent From SugarCRM
  • Small Changes and Fixes Because We Care
    • When viewing a specific Contact on the Contact Details page, the “List Membership” tab no longer displays Lists that you have archived
    • We fixed an issue that prevented your browser’s “back” button from working properly when drilling into the details on the Conversation Dashboard
    • The “My Accounts” page had an issue where it would ignore your preference for the number of results that should be displayed on the page. We fixed that.
    • We improved the layout of the notifications the platform displays when, for example, a .csv file is uploaded successfully, to reduce small things that make you (and us) crazy 🙂
    • Clicking the “Embed Form” button (when viewing a specific Form) was prompting you to “save your changes” even if you hadn’t made any changes. Quoth the raven, “nevermore”.
    • Easier to Check Boxes on the Email Settings Tab
    • A small thing, but we made it so that clicking the labels/text next to checkboxes (“Enable as a CRM Template” and “Transactional Email”) checks or un-checks those boxes. It’s just a little easier than having to click the little checkbox itself.

In the coming months we’ll be working towards many big changes designed make using Net-Results much easier. These changes will play out across a long time horizon in phases rather than all at once. We’re pretty excited about all that. In pursuit of a superior experience for you, we’re happy to introduce Derek Keith, a recent addition to our software engineering team.

Derek has been getting paid to write software code since he was 13 years old(!) when he would find work on Craigslist. He’s now got ~15 years of diverse experience and is focused on delivering intuitive user experiences at Net-Results. We’re very excited that Derek has joined the team!

May 4, 2018

  • Know the Date & Time of Your Most Recent CRM Full Sync
    • We added this information to the “Integration Settings” page for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and SugarCRM integrations
  • Several GDPR Related Additions and Changes
    • Changing a Contact’s GDPR consent status will now result in discreet entries in the Activity Stream for that Contact. Each entry is time stamped and will read as follows:
      • Constent granted/revoked via a Form:
        • GDPR Consent Granted was set to [value] via the Form named [form name] published at [URL]
      • Consent status changed manually via the Contact Details page:
        • GDPR Consent Granted was set to [value] by [logged in user email address]
      • Consent status changed via the “Set Field Value” action in a Workflow/Nurturing Campaign:
        • GDPR Consent Granted was set to [value] by the campaign branch named [branch] in the campaign named [campaign]
      • Consent status changed via .csv file import or API call:
        • GDPR Consent Granted was set to [value] via .csv file upload or API call
    • We’ve also added a new Activity Stream filter that allows you to easily view all “GDPR Consent Changes” in isolation from other Activity Stream entries.
      • This also means that you can now request this information as JSON data via API using the ContactActivityHistory::getContactActivity method.
  • Streamlined Do Not Track Capability
    • We’ve added a simple means to prevent the Net-Results tracking beacon from firing/tracking the page views of any website visitor.Setting a variable named “__macapture” to the boolean value of false in your first party cookie will now stop the Net-Results tracking beacon from tracking the page views originating from the devices on which you set this cookie value.
  • Set the value of the “GDPR Consent Granted” Field via .csv Import
    • Use a column labeled “GDPR Consent Granted”. You may pass a 1 or a 0, a boolean true or false, or a string of “true” or “false” to set this value.
  • HTTPS Links to Subscription Management Landing Pages
    • If you’re using a Net-Results drag & drop landing page as a “subscription managment” page, we’ve made an adjustment to ensure that any links to that page in your emails will leverage https (secure, encrytped) rather than the http version.
  • Time Zone Bug Fixed
    • Several smart people noticed that data presented in the chart on the Conversions Dashboard differed a bit from the data in the table. This was due to the chart using UTC time rather than default timezone from your account. This has been fixed.
  • Oversight Overseen
    • We fixed an issue where the sorting errors on “datagrids” (pages like My Emails and My Campaigns) could reflect that you had sorted a column in ascending order when it was actually sorted in descending order. Oops.
  • De-complication of the Net-Results Tracking Beacon
    • The tracking beacon was leveraging JQuery, a javascript library of sorts, in some ways that weren’t really necessary and a sharp-eyed customer pointed out that this could cause some issues. We re-factored the code of the tracking beacon, eliminating all use of JQuery. (the javascript nerds reading this will *so* happy we’ve gone purist 🙂

April 20, 2018

After 3 busy weeks here are several updates for your weekend. We think these are best paired with a Cabernet and gruyere. Please enjoy 🙂

  • Sync “Dynamic Marketing Lists” and Their Members From Dynamics 365/CRM to Net-Results
    • If you use Dynamic Marketing Lists in Microsoft Dynamics those lists are now automatically synced to Net-Results.
    • We’ll create a List in Net-Results with the same name of your Dynamic Marketing List in CRM
    • Once per hour, we’ll update the List in Net-Results based on the then-current membership of the list in Dynamics (we’ll both add and remove members to keep it up to date based on what’s going on in Dynamics)
    • If a List already exists in Net-Results with the same name of the Dynamics list, we’ll sync to that List
    • You should not add or remove members to/from these Lists within Net-Results as your changes will be overwritten during the next hourly sync
  • Vidyard Integration
    • Vidyard is an online video platform similar to Wistia and Vimeo. If you embed Vidyard videos on your website, Net-Results will now monitor who views those videos and how long they watch each one.
    • You can read the details in our Vidyard knowledge base article.
  • GDPR Changes
    • Several changes related to the EU’s coming GDPR regulations are now live with more to come…
      • A new Standard Field called “GDPR Consent Granted” has been added to each of your Net-Results Contacts.
      • You have the ability to set the value of the GDPR Consent Granted field via the API using the ContactImport::setOne method or the Contact::submitContactImport method.
      • You may pass a 1 or a 0, a boolean true or false, or a string “true” or “false” to set this value
      • The GDPR Consent Granted field now appears on the Contact Details page and may be set manually from there. Its possible values are “Yes” and “No”
      • A new “GDPR Consent” field has been added to the Form Builder. This field is a checkbox whose only purpose is to allow a person to grant consent under the GDPR. As such, it is not possible to set this field to be “checked” by default.
    • You’ll notice that you have the ability to set a description when using this check box, and that we’ve not provided any default description. As you might expect, our legal team would prefer to avoid providing any default language as there is much debate as to what constitutes “compliant” language. Please consult with your legal team to determine the appropriate language for your organization.
  • Performance Improvements
    • We reduced the time it takes for a Campaign to load in the platform
    • We substantially reduced the time it takes for Segments with a “Did (Open, Click, etc.) in Any Campaign” condition to run
  • Email Preferences Are More Easily Discovered
    • Did you know that you can set a default Reply To label and email address that will appear on any newly created emails?
    • Did you know that you can pre-set up to 20 email addresses as potential recipients of your “test” emails in the email builder (so you don’t have to type those email addresses every time you want to send a test)?
    • It turns out that many customers did not know they could do this because the option was a bit difficult to find.
    • Go to the drag and drop Email Builder and have a look at the main navigation bar. You’ll see “Email Preferences” is now an option. Check it out!
  • Columns on My Emails, My Campaigns, etc. Now Sort in Descending Order by Default
    • It’s common to sort by the date when a thing was created or most recently modified. Having these columns sort descending by default will save you a few moments in many situations.
  • Bug Fixed
    • When editing the actual HTML of an email, typing a set of double quotes would result in 3 double quotes due to a problem with the auto-complete. We solved that in the WYSIWYG.
  • New API Method: Subscription::getContactIds
    • The new Subscription::getContactIds method does the same thing as its peer in the List controller and provides a better way to check which Contacts are currently opted in to a given Subscription.
  • Another Bug Fixed
    • When sending a test email to multiple recipients, each recipient after the first would see a default unsubscribe message (the one that is auto appended for compliance reasons) even if you already had a compliant (and better looking) unsubscribe option of your own. We fixed that.
  • A Bit More Information for Conversation Reports
    • The details .csv file that comes attached to scheduled Conversation Reports now includes Company Name

March 30, 2018

Another busy week for the dev team! Maybe even better – we’re hiring to expand the team further 🙂

If you know any sharp folks that want a job they enjoy going to please send them our way!

  • New List Dashboard!
    • We’ve rolled out a List Dashboard that shows the growth and trend for any given List over time. Check it out by navigating to Reporting -> Dashboards -> List. You can also get there from the My Lists screen. We will be enhancing this dashboard over time, adding more useful data and visualizations.
  • Sync Static Marketing Lists from Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Net-Results
    • You can now choose to have your static marketing lists synced to Net-Results from Dynamics CRM/365. If you elect to activate this feature we’ll automatically mirror the lists and their members from Dynamics into Net-Results. Adding or removing members in Dynamics will cause those leads/contacts to be added or removed in Net-Results.Want to take advantage? Hover your email address in the upper right corner of the app and navigate to Integration Settings -> Dynamics. Check the box labeled “Sync Static Lists from Microsoft Dynamics to Net-Results”
  • Enhanced Reporting: Email Engagement Details Now Included with the Conversation Report
    • We recently added the ability to receive scheduled reports (daily, weekly, monthly, or immediate) on “Conversation” emails (one-off emails like auto-responders, shipping confirmations and similar).This week we’ve enhanced that report by attaching an additional .csv file that details each email open and link click in your Conversation emails.
  • Improved User/Password Management
    • If your permissions allow, you now have the ability to have Net-Results generate a new, random password and email the new credentials to the user.We also made it easier to edit a user’s account without altering their password.
  • Update FaceBook to use api v2.12
    • We updated Net-Results’ integration with Facebook to leverage a newer version of their API. You won’t notice any difference, just letting you know that we’re keeping up.
  • Some Housekeeping
  • Someone brought to our attention that, when exporting a Segment or List, the email that arrived didn’t make clear which Segment or List was exported (though the attached .csv file did). The emails now make this clear.

March 23, 2018

These first two new capabilities are related to each other:

  • We’ve added the ability to schedule daily/weekly/monthly reports on “Conversation” emails
    • Note that Form Autoresponder emails are sent as “Conversation” emails in Net-Results.
  • You can now “tag” your Autoresponder emails for reporting purposes. Here’s how this works…
    • Autoresponder emails must be “tagged” with attributes when sent to enable enhanced reporting. Then, when viewing the Conversation dashboard (or downloading it as a PDF, a capability we added last week), you can filter for data that matches the tags of your choosing.This will allow you to view a dashboard or schedule a report on things like
      • All autoresponder emails across all Forms
      • Only autoresponders sent by Form A or Form B
      • Group Forms by purpose (via tags, more on that below) and view reports for all Forms that share a similar purpose

So there’s something you need to do to take advantage of these new reporting capabilities:

  • Open/edit each of your Forms in Net-Results
  • Go to the “Form Actions” tab and…
  • Click on “Send Autoresponder Email”
  • Look for the label that says “Tag Your Autoresponder Email”
    • You’ll see that Net-Results has pre-applied a tag called “Form-Autoresponder” automatically. Please add additional tags for your reporting purposes.You’ll likely want to add a tag based on the Form name.
    • You may want to add another tag to group certain Forms purpose if you’d like to see the results from those related Forms aggregated together.

Also new this week:

  • Simplified Perpetual Campaign Conditions
    • We made it easier to choose the participants for Perpetual Campaigns. In the past it was required that list membership be among your conditions. This is no longer the case.
  • Faster Loading Times for Images on Landing Pages and PDF Assets
    • Net-Results leverages CloudFront, a content delivery network that’s part of Amazon Web Services. This week we made some changes that ensure images added to landing pages going forward are loaded via CloudFront. The same change was made for PDF assets.These changes only to apply to images added going forward. We’re not able to apply this change retroactively.

March 16, 2018

Did you see the “MarTech Madness” tournament where Net-Results has been pitted against HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, and others? We’d love to have your vote!

New this week…

  • Download the Campaign Overview Dashboard in .csv format
    • You’ll find the download button above the dashboard to the right, directly next to the button for downloading as a PDF that we added last week.
  • Campaign Performance Dashboard Enhancements
    • When viewing performance stats for individual campaign branches you’ll now see the email name (which links directly to the email) and the email’s subject line (assuming your campaign branch sends an email, which doesn’t always have to be the case).
  • Increased Flexibility with Form “Thank You” Messages
    • A few weeks back we added the ability for your Forms to display a “thank you” message rather than always redirecting the visitor to a separate thank you page.
    • This week we added a wrapping
      to make it easy for you to apply your own CSS to the thank you message if you wish to.
  • Landing Page Builder Tracking Beacon Update
    • We rolled out an update to the tracking beacon used in the Landing Page Builder to thwart some more ad blockers
  • Some Cleanup of the “Header” Module in the Landing Page Builder
    • Just a bit of cleanup for additional clarity.
  • Dead Bug
    • We solved an issue that allowed the Form’s Save button to be clicked multiple times. This was leading to unexpected behavior but has been solved.
  • Additional Clarity in Setup of Landing Page Domains
    • We made some changes that should make the process of setting up landing domains more intuitive.
    • And did you know that you can use as many landing page domains as you like, each one with https encryption by default (and at no extra charge)?

March 9, 2018

The best thing about product update posts: Weekend! And we’re very happy to continually improve the platform for you and your colleagues. As always, we’re already busy working on next week’s updates.

  • Download the Campaign Overview Dashboard as PDF
    • See the button. Click the button. Have the Campaign Overview Dashboard sent to whatever email addresses you choose in PDF format.
    • Pretty straightforward, but hey, we want to keep it simple on a Friday 🙂
  • Reduced Email Sizes (in Kilobytes) Mean Less “Clipping”
    • If your email is pretty long, some clients (like Gmail on mobile) will “clip” the email. Your recipient would then have to click to view the rest of the email.
    • We reduced the amount of HTML included in Net-Results emails by an average of about 25% – 30% to prevent clipping. The longer your email is the bigger the reduction will be. For particularly long emails with lots of content we’ve seen reductions of >40%.
  • Warning if Your Form Lacks a Submit Button
    • We saw some instances where Forms were published with no way to submit them. Doh!

You’ll now be warned when saving your Form if it lacks a submit button.

  • Bug Squashed
    • We solved an issue related to linking from Net-Results Emails to landing pages with subscription management forms on them.
  • A Helping Hand
    • When creating a new email, if you fail to add your postal address (a requirement of anti-spam regulation in many countries), the warning that is displayed now links directly to a knowledge base article to make it easier for you to solve this quickly.

March 2, 2018

New this week: some cool new capabilities, some bug fixes, and some technical mumbo jumbo that keeps your data safe:

  • Download the Campaign Performance Dashboard as a PDF
    • There’s now a button to “Request a PDF” on the Campaign Performance Dashboard!
    • We’ll generate your PDF and email it to the recipients you ask us to (separate email addresses with a comma please. Your email address will appear there automatically).
    • Going forward, we’ll be adding PDF download capability to all the dashboards in Net-Results!
  • Save & Re-Use Form Fields
    • Fields added to your Forms now offer the option to “Add to Library”.
    • Let’s say you’ve customized the States drop down field to include only states on the West coast. Click “Add to Library” and you’ll be able to re-use your customized drop down on other Forms without having to re-do your customization.
    • You’ll find your saved fields under “My Library” on the right side where other available fields are located.
  • Archive Segments
    • In addition to Campaigns, Lists, & Emails, you now have the ability to archive Segments to get old ones out of your way without having to delete them.
    • It’s easy to archive multiple Segments all at once: you can easily filter them by name, select the applicable Segments (with the checkboxes to the left or by using the “Select” button), and archive them (the Archive button will appear when at least 1 Segment is selected).
    • Archiving Segments simply hides them from view so you can de-clutter, removing old Segments from the “My Segments” screen. You can always view your archived Segments (or mark them as “Active” again) via a drop down control near the top of the page.
  • Map “Paragraph Text” form fields to a Custom Field
    • You can now map “Paragraph Text” fields (which are html <textarea> fields for the code savvy) to any Custom Field that is set to hold text.
    • It’s important to note that a Custom Field is currently limited to 1,024 characters. If your paragraph field is submitted with more characters, the text will be truncated.
  • Clarified
    • Some labels on several “My” pages (like My Emails) were edited for additional clarity. Bask in the glow of that one.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Sync Authentication Technical Stuff
    • The Dynamics integration was updated for compatibility with the authentication protocol leveraged in Microsoft’s latest version. This ensures that your data, when in transit across the interwebs, is encrypted at the highest levels supported by Microsoft.

And because it warms our hearts so, we’d like to welcome to the Net-Results family the many former customers and prospects of Pardot who’ve chosen to join us recently 🙂

February 23, 2018

We made great progress on some new capabilities this week that aren’t quite ready for release. We’re excited to get some (maybe all) of those out next week.In the meantime, here are the changes that went live this week:

  • Set a Lead Score to Any Value You Choose (Including Zero)
    • You can now use the “Adjust Lead Score” action in your workflows/nurturing campaigns to set lead scores to whatever value you choose. This gives you the ability to reset lead scores to zero – or any other value – should you have the need to do so.
  • Archive Emails
    • In recent weeks we rolled out the ability to archive Campaigns and Lists. This week we added the ability to archive Emails. You can easily filter Emails by name or folder, select your Emails (with the checkboxes to the left or the “Select” button), and archive them.
      • As with Campaigns and Lists, archiving Emails simply hides them from view so you can de-clutter, removing old Emails from the “My Emails” screen. You can always view your archived Emails (or mark them as “Active” again) via a drop down control near the top of the page.
  • Bugs Fixed
    • We fixed a bug that could prevent you from deleting a Landing Page
  • We solved a problem that could cause an error when attempting to view the usage of Lists & Subscriptions

Thank you for being a customer (or partner) of Net-Results

September 29, 2017

  • Separate From & ReplyTo Labels and Email Addresses
    You can now use a different email address (and label) in the "from" and "reply to" when sending emails.
    You can also have Net-Results inject a lead owner's email address and name if you'd like to via Personalized Fields in the from and reply to.
  • Close Button in Email Builder
    We've added a "Close" button that appears when editing a content block in the drag & drop email builder. This allows you to close the block without saving. This saves time as you can more quickly make multiple changes without saving your email.
  • Additional Clarity in Campaign Conditions
    We made changes to the labels on certain segment conditions within Campaigns. These changes reduce confusion and make things a bit more intuitive.

Several Improvements and Fixes - September 15, 2017

Duplicate Segment Conditions with a Single Click
This will save you lots of time in situations where your Segment needs, for example, to include several States or Lists. Look for the "Duplicate" button wherever you create Segments

Send a Welcome Email to New Users on Your Team
When creating a new user you now have the option of having a welcome email sent to that person's email address containing login URL, username and password

Test Emails Populate Personalized Fields
When sending a test email, if your test recipient is also a Contact, the personalized fields in the email will be populated with values from their Contact record

Bug Squashed
We've fixed a bug that caused problems with links in emails that had a very large (50+) number of personalized fields

Another Dead Bug
We fixed an issue that was causing the File Manager to timeout for some customers

20 Updates Rolled Into One - September 1, 2017

Check out the August Release Notes to learn about a number of additions, time savers and other improvements we've rolled out recently.

Subscriptions Have Been Completely Rebuilt

We rebuilt Subscriptions in Net-Results to better align with expectations.

Vimeo Integration - Know Who's Watching Your Vimeo Videos and take action! - February 21st, 2017

Net-Results now tracks views of your Vimeo videos embedded on your website! There's nothing you need to do (if you're using their latest embed code). Learn more in the Vimeo Integration section.

Subscriptions Have Been Rebuilt From The Ground Up - February 12th, 2017

We’ve rebuilt Subscriptions in Net-Results from the ground up and added multiple new capabilities that make day-to-day usage of the platform easier. Read the release notes to learn more.

Filter Scheduled Campaign Reports with Segments - February 1st, 2017

The Campaign reports you can subscribe to as daily, weekly or monthly reports can now be filtered by Segment.

Improved Date Formatting - December 8th, 2016

We've added formatting options for dates inserted into Net-Results emails. Be sure dates in your emails appear exactly how you'd like them to. Convey dates in the format you prefer with precision.

All New A/B Email Testing - November 30th, 2016

We've made it super easy for you to test any two emails against each other, head-to-head. You can test simple variations like subject lines or entirely different emails.

All the details can be read in less than 5 minutes. We've heard great feedback that A/B testing in Net-Results is easy to understand and use. We look forward to hearing what you think too!

Launch Date Added to Campaign Report - November 28th, 2016

We've added launch date as a field to the Campaign report you can subscribe to as a daily, weekly or monthly report.

Zapier Integration - November 7th, 2016

With a Zapier account, it's easy to get Net-Results "talking" with 100's of other apps. Here's a link to a private invite while we finish up our official listing with Zapier.

New Dashboard: Campaign Performance - October 18th, 2016

As we laid the groundwork for top notch A/B email testing (which begins a phased rollout this month!) we realized that the "Statistics" tab in Campaigns was not only in need of a refresh, but was not well aligned with the reporting needs of A/B testing in general. We set out to create a much more attractive, easy to consume, and more convenient way for you to explore the results of any given Campaign. Today we're happy to announce the new Campaign Performance dashboard!

The Campaign Performance dashboard replaces the "Statistics" tab you're used to viewing within individual Campaigns. This new dashboard will save you time, provides more data, and presents a clearer view of campaign performance.</p>

  • Easily switch between campaigns: Start typing any part of a campaign's name and you'll the see the list of matching campaigns filtering down as you type. There's no need to navigate to additional pages to jump from one campaign to another
  • Campaign results for Drip and A/B Email campaigns are expanded automatically - less clicks means more convenience
  • Quickly download .csv files with details on Contacts that qualified, opened, clicked and more for offline analysis
  • A visually pleasing screen that's easy to understand and a pleasure to use

Introducing Draggable "Sections" for the Email Builder - September 22nd, 2016

You can now take complete control your email layouts with the addition of draggable "Sections" to the drag & drop email builder!

Sections can be full width, halves, thirds, or left/right sidebar. You can add and remove these sections at will or drag them to new locations within your email. Sections are available now as "Standard Blocks" on the "Palette".

This gives you greater creative control and more flexibility in getting your message to prospects and customers.

Bonus: Sections have responsive design baked in - your emails will continue to look great on phones, tablets, desktops and laptops!

Post to LinkedIn Company Pages - September 20th, 2016

You can now schedule updates to be posted to LinkedIn company pages. These posts can include a title, a URL, an image and commentary - the same info you're asked to provide when posting via LinkedIn directly. This makes it easier to get the word out across Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn consistently and on the proper timeline when you have news to share.

If your post uses a URL, LinkedIn will attempt to pull an image and a summary from the web page at that URL just as it normally does. Try it out! And don't forget to use UTM tags so you can track traffic and conversions back to social networks and individual posts :)

Automatic UTM Tagging for Links in your Net-Results Emails - September 19th, 2016

UTM tags are like magic for digital marketers. They make it easy to understand which of your efforts are working and how many leads they’re driving - we’re talking about marketing attribution.

We’re excited to let you know that UTM tags will now be inserted into your emails automatically! (It’s actually optional, you can enable or disable this feature across your account or in any given Campaign).

You can get the details from our documentation, but if you’re already familiar with UTM tags there’s not much you’ll need to do (hey, isn’t that what automatic is all about?)

A Minor Update to Alerts - September 14th, 2016

Alerts (both Immediate and Enhanced) now include the job title and work phone number of the Contact that triggered the Alert (if we have values for those fields).

Faster & Easier List Selection - September 9th, 2016

Scrolling through lots of Lists to find the one you're looking for slows you down :( We're happy to let you know that you'll never have to do that again! :)
In every part of the platform where you would normally scroll through your Lists you now have the option to type a few letters to instantly filter your Lists. This will save you time day after day and that warms our hearts.

YouTube Video Integration - Know Who's Watching Your Videos and take action! - August 22th, 2016

The Activity Stream now shows video interactions

  • Who has clicked the "Play" button on each of your videos
  • How much of each video was watched by your Contact

Segment on did/did not watch...

  • Any video
  • Any specific video by name
  • How much of the video was watched (25% - 100%)

All of this means you can trigger emails, campaign participation, lead score adjustments and more. All automated actions available in the platform may now be triggered based on video interactions

Updated: Add Images to Scheduled Twitter and Facebook Posts - July 21st, 2016

You can now include images when scheduling tweets and facebook posts from Net-Results. You may need remove and re-authorize your facebook pages to enable this capability

SugarCRM Integration Enhancements - July 12th, 2016

The enhancements we recently rolled out for Salesforce users are now live for SugarCRM users!

  • View the contents of any trackable, one-off emails sent via Dynamics from the My Emails tab of the funnelVision dashboard
  • Performance enhancements: the plumbing behind the various dashboards Net-Results makes available in Dynamics has been completely overhauled for faster loading

Dynamics CRM Integration Enhancements - June 18th, 2016

The enhancements we recently rolled out for Salesforce users are now live for Microsoft Dynamics CRM!

  • Custom Field Mapping: You can now manage how your custom fields are mapped from Dynamics without having to contact support
  • View the contents of any trackable, one-off emails sent via Dynamics from the My Emails tab of the funnelVision dashboard
  • We've added the ability to immediately sync any newly created Lead or Contact to Net-Results, no need to wait for an hourly sync
  • Performance enhancements: the plumbing behind the various dashboards Net-Results makes available in Dynamics has been completely overhauled for faster loading
  • We’ve added a dashboard that details any errors that may occur in the sync process to or from Dynamics CRM. This makes it easy to identify issues in Leads or Contacts that may be process related

Salesforce Users: Integration Enhancements - June 3rd, 2016

  • Salesforce users can now view the contents of any trackable Net-Results emails they've sent to prospects from the My Emails tab of the funnelVision dashboard
  • We've added the ability to immediately sync any newly created Lead or Contact to Net-Results, no need to wait for an hourly sync
  • Performance enhancements: the plumbing behind the various dashboards Net-Results makes available in Salesforce has been completely overhauled for faster loading
  • Better looking: we also did a little housekeeping while we were at it because we know you like things to be pretty

It's Keyboard Shortcut Week! Use ctrl+s to Save Forms - May 5th, 2016

We've added the ability to use ctrl+s (Windows) or cmd+s (Mac) on your keyboard to save Forms. What a wonderful world we live in :)

New Report Type: Form Submissions - May 4th, 2016

Want to receive a daily, weekly, or monthly Report that details all the prospects who've submitted your forms? We've added a new Form Report you may subscribe to. The Form Report will email you a .csv file with all the pertinent details. You can choose to run a report for any individual form or a report that includes all of your forms.

We've also added a button to the Form Submissions tab (visible when editing any Form in the Form Builder) that will send you an email with a .csv attachment.

And May the 4th be with you.

New Keyboard Shortcut: Use ctrl+s to Save Campaigns - May 4th, 2016

Just a quick improvement to make life a little easier, you can now use ctrl+s (Windows) or cmd+s (Mac) from your keyboard to save the Campaigns you're working on. This keyboard shortcut is already available in both the Email Builder and Landing Page Builder.

Stop Form Spam: reCAPTCHA Is Now Available in Net-Results Forms - April 18th, 2016

Spammy form submissions can waste your team's time. Now you can add reCAPTCHA to your Forms to stop "bots" from submitting them.

Wistia Video Integration - Know Who's Watching Your Videos, Trigger Actions Automatically - April 11th, 2016

  • The Activity Stream now shows video interactions
    • Who has clicked the "Play" button on each of your videos
    • How much of each video was watched by your Contact
  • Segment on did/did not watch...
    • Any video
    • Any specific video by name
    • How much of the video was watched (25% - 100%)
  • ...Which means you can trigger emails, campaign participation, lead score adjustments and more. All automated actions available in the platform may now be triggered based on video interactions

Instantly Sync Leads & Contacts to Salesforce.com - March 11th, 2016

We've added a "Sync this Lead" button to Salesforce. Click the button to have your new or modified Lead (or Contact) pushed to Net-Results immediately.

Request a Reset for a Contact's Unsubscribe Status - February 9th, 2016

You can now request a reset for a Contact's unsubscribe status without contacting support via a rather obvious reset button that appears on the Contact Details page for any Contact that is currently unsubscribed. Clicking the button will automatically submit a resubscribe request to our support team.

Reset a Contact's Bounce Status - January 21st, 2016

You can now reset a Contact's bounce status without contacting support via a rather obvious reset button that appears on the Contact Details page for any Contact currently "bounced". Clicking the button will make it possible to send emails to the Contact once again.

Create Landing Pages With Your Own Custom HTML - December 30th, 2015

You can now paste in and edit your own custom HTML for us to host as a landing page. Learn more about the new Custom HTML Landing Page Builder

Use UTM tags as Criteria in Segments - December 3rd, 2015

You can now leverage UTM tags/codes as conditions when building a Segment

New: Sync Your SugarCRM Target Lists to Net-Results - October 29th, 2015

SugarCRM users rejoice! Or just be glad for some new functionality, whichever works for you...

  • To enable Target List syncing, go to the Sugar Integration Setup page in Net-Results and check the box labeled "Sync Sugar Target Lists to Net-Results"
  • A Net-Results List will be automatically created for each of your Sugar Target Lists
  • Contacts and Leads added to/removed from your Target Lists in Sugar will be automatically added/removed from the corresponding List in Net-Results (these lists are updated every 30 minutes)
  • Due to limitations in SugarCRMs API, this is a one way sync from Sugar. You should manage these lists only from within SugarCRM

New: Alert Webhooks - October 28th, 2015

Got coders? Want to automate process based on Instant or Enhanced Alerts? Alert Webhooks can be configured to let your servers know whenever an Alert is triggered. Your code savvy people can grab the data from these webhooks to do, well, pretty much anything they like! :)

You may enable a webhook and set the receiving URL in the same place where you create and edit your Alerts. You can expect to receive the webhook "payload" as an http POST in JSON format. It will include the ID of the Contact that triggered your alert, a time stamp, and information identifying the name, description and Segment set for the Alert. You can then leverage our JSON API to pull, for example, full details about the Contact and their website visit and activity history.

Let us know if you'd like to discuss potential use cases or best practices. We're happy to help!

New: Enhanced Date-Based Segmentation, Format of Alert Emails Updated - October 27th, 2015

  • We've added the ability for Segments to select Contacts based on the number of days since or until a given date occurs. An example that puts this to use would be to select all Contacts whose free trial expired "at least 10 days ago". Use this new capability in conjunction with date-based custom fields to exert greater control over your time-driven drip and nurturing campaigns.
  • The formatting of the Alerts you can subscribe to has been updated to include a more complete picture of prospect activity. The new Alert format now matches that of the recently updated Form Notification emails and include details on your Contact's first visit in addition to the visit that triggered your Alert.

New API Method: Retrieve Values for Account-Level Custom Fields - October 20th, 2015

We've published a new method that allows you to retrieve the current values for your Account-level custom fields. AccountCustomField::getByAccount may be used in conjunction with AccountCustomField::getMultiple to automate various operations related to Account custom fields.

Campaign Dashboard Updates - October 14th, 2015

We've added some additional info (bounces and unsubscribes) to the Campaign Dashboard and updated its look to be more appealing.

More Webhooks: Email Opens & Email Clicks - October 6th, 2015

We've just added the ability to trigger a webhook notifying you when your emails are sent, opened or clicked.

  • You can expect to receive separate webhooks for email send, open and click notifications
  • We will include many (up to 100,000) notifications in a single webhook. These are batched to reduce load both on your end and ours
  • Webhooks arrive in JSON format
  • These webhooks may be configured via Send Notification Campaign Actions

New Campaign Action: Send a Webhook - October 1st, 2015

We've added the ability to send a "Webhook" from any branch within any Nurturing Campaign. This webhook will send an http request to the URL of your choosing.

This http request will contain a POST with a JSON encoded payload that contains details about the Campaign, the branch within the Campaign that triggered the webhook, and and array containing the unique IDs of the Contacts who qualified for the campaign branch. Here is a file that contains sample output of this Webhook processed with the PHP function print_r(json_decode($webhook_output));

Sample Webhook Output

New! Email Clients Dashboard - September 25th, 2015

How often are your emails opened on mobile phones? On tablets? What percentage of them are using iOS vs. Android? How many of your prospects open your emails on Desktop & Laptop computers using Gmail, Outlook or Apple Mail? The new Email Clients Dashboard surfaces all of this information and more with attractive charts and sortable tables.

The data in the Email Clients Dashboard is pre-aggregated and loads quickly whether you're looking at data from the last 7 days or the last 12 months. You cannot, however, filter the data by Campaign or Segment at this time.

Update: Contact Merge Behavior Eliminated - September 24th, 2015

In the past, if a "tracked" or "identified" visitor to your website ("Person A") submitted a form using an email address of another Contact already known to the platform ("Person B"), Person A's Contact record would be "merged" with Person B's Contact record. Person A's Contact record was effectively "erased" from the platform, making it impossible to email Person A with the email that had been associated with their Contact prior to this "merge" taking place.

We're happy to inform you that this behavior has been eliminated.

So what will happen to Person A's Contact record in the future? As of this change, when Person A submits a form using Person B's email address, we'll attribute the form submission, future web page views, and other activity to Person B's Contact in the platform, but Person A's Contact record will persist and remain unchanged.

Person A can always re-connect their web activity to their original Contact record by submitting a form using the email associated with their original Contact record (or by clicking through from an email sent to that email address).

New! Send Trackable Emails from Multiple Domains - September 13th, 2015

We're very happy to let you know that you can now send trackable emails from any of your domains. The email From address, reply to, and all the links in your emails may leverage any domain of your choosing.

Ensuring Great Email Deliverability

  • Net-Results must be tracking your domain as part of a "Domain Group"
  • Your domain must be properly setup with "Domain Branding". This is the process of "telling the internet" that our email servers are authorized to send email originating from your domain(s). This involves the implementation of some DNS settings. Simply let us know which domains you'd like to send emails from and we'll provide the settings along with instruction.

Improved: Simplified Campaign Conditions in Campaigns and Segments - September 9th, 2015

We’ve simplified the set of conditions available to you when basing a Campaign or Segment on activity from other active or retired Campaigns.

You’ll find the choices presented to you are far clearer due to improved labeling and the elimination of clutter in this area of the platform.

This is part of a longer-term construction project we’ve begun that will greatly simplify your work with Segments and Campaigns. We’ll keep you posted as our progress in continues in this area.

New: Searchable Drop Down/Pick Lists - September 8th, 2015

Here’s a great improvement in usability that will save you time, particularly if you’re a long time or power user with lots of Campaigns and Segments.

We’ve made many of your drop down fields searchable. In many of the places where you can select, for example, a Segment, you can now click on the drop down and begin typing to filter the list of Segments to easily find the one you’re looking for.

It’s very fast and works great. And you don’t have to remember the exact name of the Segment/Email/Landing Page/Campaign you’re looking for – typing any part of any word in the name of that item will surface it for you along with any other items that match the letters you’ve typed.

Enhanced, Filterable Contact Activity Stream - September 8th, 2015

Back by popular demand! The Contact Activity Stream that displays when viewing the Contact Details page for any single Contact may once again be filtered by activity type. You can easily see which Forms your Contact has submitted, what PDFs they’ve downloaded, which emails they’ve opened and more.

To make this a great experience for you, we’ve combined similar activity types together (so all email activity is available under one selection rather than having separate selections for email opens vs. email clicks).

New: Customer Journey

By default, the Activity Stream is filtered to expose the “Customer Journey”. This is a filter on the Activity Stream that shows you all the website visits, email clicks, content downloads and form submissions for the Contact you’re viewing. It provides an overview of how the Contact is engaging with your marketing efforts.

Bonus! You can now “expand” each website visit in the Activity Stream to see which pages were viewed during that visit without leaving the Contact Details page. This is a great, time saving improvement if you use the Activity Stream to dig into the specifics of individual, engaged prospects.

You can expect all of these Activity Stream improvements to show up in your supported CRM system when viewing any Lead or Contact record soon!

Generating Form Conversions? We’ve Enhanced Notification Emails - September 8th, 2015

The emails you receive whenever one of your Forms is submitted have been enhanced to provide a more complete picture of your prospect, and to just look better in your inbox. You’ll find the design and layout of the new Form Notifications to be easier to scan and better organized so you can absorb the information you need more quickly. And as for information, well, we’ve stepped up our game.

We’re including an overview of your prospect’s first visit to your website, even if that visit happened long ago (well, their first visit since you installed our tracking beacon anyway). An overview of their current visit – the one that generated a conversion – is presented side-by-side with the first visit. This can show you at a glance both how your prospect found you originally and what brought them back for the conversion. We’re also including any UTM codes that you may (should?) be using for each visit. This allows you know in detail exactly which of your marketing efforts helped deliver this conversion.

How About the Customer Journey?

We recently enhanced the Activity Stream on the Contact Details page to show the “Customer Journey” for each prospect. We’ve included a part of that Customer Journey in your Form Notification emails. A quick scan will show you all the website visits and all web pages that were viewed by your prospect in the 24 hours leading up to conversion. Want to see more? No problem, we’ve added a link that will take you to the Contact Details page for your newly converted prospect and the complete Customer Journey will load by default.

We expect to make similar improvements to the emails that contain your Instant Alerts in the not-so-distant future!

View the Upload History for Your Account - August 28th, 2015

The Upload History page provides an overview of any manual contact uploads performed in your {{{APPNAME}}} account. If you or your team members upload Contacts via a comma (or semicolon separated file, having access to your upload history enables you to audit changes and improve process.

The Upload History includes Contact imports performed manually as well as those performed via API.

Support for Semicolon Separator in Contact Uploads - August 28th, 2015

It's a happy day for those of you in regions where .csv files are not normally comma separated... The platform now supports semicolons as field separators in Contact imports/uploads.

Leverage Campaign Tags in Scheduled Reports - July 14th, 2015

You can now filter the campaigns included in your Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Immediate reports using the tags you've applied to your campaigns.

Tagging is a very powerful way to group your Campaigns. This new reporting capability enables a deeper level of insight across campaigns that share a similar audience or other common characteristics.

Easier! Adding Lists to Segments - July 1st, 2015

We've taken another step in making it easier for you to work with Segments. You can now type to filter/search for Lists when setting up Segments. This makes it quick and easy to find and select the List you're looking for. You'll find this improvement is in place everywhere you can add Lists to a Segment, including Campaigns and Lead Scoring.

Improving Your Experience With Segments - July 1st, 2015

When adding a List to a Segment, you'll find that choosing a specific List has moved from the "Add Conditions" window into the Segment itself. This has been a popular suggestion that allows you to alter List selections with less effort and less clicks.

This minor change is the first of many improvements coming to Segments in the coming weeks and months.

Tables in Drag & Drop Email Builder - June 3rd, 2015

We've added a button for quick and easy addition of tables in the drag & drop email builder.

This makes it easy to add tables within your content without having to deal with the html code that makes the tables work.

You can also right click on tables added in this manner to adjust their settings!

Updated WordPress Plugin - May 21st, 2015

We've updated our WordPress plugin. The new version provides a better experience and improved security.

If you're a WordPress user and haven't checked it out yet, you should! You can embed your web forms (with progressive profiling and pre-population of fields) into any area of your WordPress theme that supports Widgets.

Now Live: Campaign Tagging - May 20th, 2015

We are happy to let you know that Campaign Tagging has been added to your account! We've had lots of requests for this feature and look forward to your feedback.

Tag your new and existing campaigns. Apply tags on the Campaign Dashboard to assess campaign performance in cross sections of your creation.

One Click Spam Checking Added to New Email Builder - April 9th, 2015

We've integrated SpamAssassin spam scoring in the new drag & drop email builder. 

Just look for the "Is it Spam?" button at the top of the page when creating your next email!

Improved Support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM - March 30th, 2015

We now offer fantastic, native integrations for all versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM - both hosted/online and on-premise implementations!

All New Drag & Drop Email Builder - March 11th, 2015

Now live: an all new, mobile-responsive, template-based, drag and drop email builder! 

Feedback on the new email builder has been excellent so far, and we can't wait to hear yours too.

The new email builder makes it easy to create great looking emails that are just as friendly on mobile devices as they are on laptops and desktops. Here are some highlights:

  • Drag & Drop - you don't have to know HTML to make a great looking email
  • Mobile Responsive - The emails you build will look great on mobile devices as well as laptops and desktop machines
  • Template Driven - choose a great looking template and add in your excellent content to create a great looking email in minutes
  • We'll take care of making sure it looks good in Outlook, GMail, Apple and Android devices and more

What happens with my existing emails?

  • Your existing emails have not been changed
  • There is nothing you need to do with your existing emails - they do not need to be changed in any way
  • You may continue to use them in existing and newly created Campaigns
  • You may continue to edit your emails and make copies using "Save As"
  • You may continue to create emails in the same manner that's always been available (WYSIWYG and/or source code). You do not have to use the new drag and drop email builder
  • If you build your emails outside of the platform and paste in your HTML you may continue to work this way, we're not taking anything away from you
  • Existing emails are not compatible with the drag-and-drop aspects of the new email builder. 
Your existing emails will remain editable and usable, but they will not become drag and drop. You'll be able to work with them in the same manner you've always been able to work with them (WYSIWYG and/or source code)

We're very excited to bring you this new tool to create great looking emails with ease. We're anxious to hear your comments and feedback and look forward to delivering more great marketing automation tools in 2015!

Sugar Integration Upgrades! - February 3, 2015

On top of our 30-minute down sync and "Sync upon Save" changes, we've now upgraded even more areas of the Sugar Integration

  • Enhanced Error Reporting - Sync Error reports now have much more detail, differentiate between an actual Error and a Warning/Info, and provide a URL to immediately access the record that caused the issue.
  • Self-service Field Mappings - Within the Integration Settings navigation menu, the Sugar Integration Field Mappings allows you to choose new custom field mappings for Accounts, Contacts, and Leads. Additionally, once you've added or updated mappings, you may now trigger a Full Sync on the Sugar Integration Setup page.
  • Default Values - Records cannot be synced to Sugar without a Last Name or Company Name, but you may provide default values for these two fields (something to use in case they're blank) so the record can still be synced without triggering an error.

New! iOS App Updates - January 26th, 2015

Net-Results Mobile for iOS brings real-time website visitor tracking to your iPhone or iPad. 

We've also included dashboards for Form Impressions & Conversions, Email Statistics and Contact database growth.

We look forward to your feedback!

Some Recent Additions and Changes - January 18th, 2015

  • Info Submitted via Web Forms- Form Notifications (sent via email when a prospect submits your web form) show you all the info they provided via your form pretty much instantly, but there's never been a way to see what they submitted within the app. Now there is. The "Form Submissions" tab now provides a "View" icon that shows you exactly what your prospect typed into each field when they submitted the form.
  • Desktop vs. Mobile - Website Visitors, a real-time look at visitors on your website, now includes a column letting you know whether each visitor was using a mobile device (such as a phone or tablet) or a desktop or laptop when they visited your website.
We'll be adding more mobile vs. desktop to more areas of the platform soon including Analytics and Campaign reporting.
  • Faster Campaign Notifications - The moment a prospect clicks a link in your email is a moment when you already have their attention. Many sales organizations have had success following up with prospects immediately in this moment. As an aid to our customers utilizing this tactic, we've moved Campaign Notifications closer to real time to help you connect with more opportunities

Easily Get Public URLs for Hosted Assets - January 12th, 2015

Until now you've had to go through multiple steps to discover the public URL for any PDF Asset you've uploaded to the platform. We're happy to let you know that we've eliminated the pain and made this a very simple matter. 

When browsing assets via the Asset Manager, simply click on any Asset and the public URL, to which you can link directly from any web page, landing page or email, is right there in plain text ready to be copied and pasted as you choose.

Landing Page Builder Upgrades! - September 16, 2014

We're pretty excited about two additions we've just made to the Landing Page Builder.

  • Alignment Guides: When you drag an element on your landing page the new Alignment Guides will appear automatically. The guides help you center or align left, right, top or bottom edges of any elements. This makes it much easier to quickly setup a clean landing page that creates a great impression
  • Automatic Grouping: If one or more of your elements is completely contained within another, dragging the outer element automatically drags the inner elements along with it. This makes it simple to reposition groups of elements as a single block, preserving your positioning and helping you get that great landing page live more quickly

New JSON API Methods Published - September 5, 2014

LeadScoreOverlay::getContactAdjustments returns details about each lead score adjustment made for a given Contact throughout time (we're in the process of building an excellent "Contact Dashboard" that makes use of this method. This new dashboard will help you understand each prospect's key interactions in a visual timeline and will appear in both the app and your integrated CRM platform).

ContactImport::setOne allows you to import Contacts with Standard and Custom fields at both the Contact and Account level.

We'll be adding sample code to the API documentation at some point in the future. In the meantime sample code for these and other methods is available on request.

Upload Contacts with Account Level Information - September 4, 2014

We continue to add support for Accounts to various parts of the App. Today we've added support for uploading Contacts with Account level information as part of your .csv file. Your upload may now contain data for both Standard and Custom Account fields in addition to Standard and Custom Contact fields.

New Dashboard: Impressions/Conversions per Form - September 3, 2014

It's common to use the same Form on multiple landing pages (many customers deploy a single "Content Download" form on multiple landing pages that offer various content downloads).

This is convenient as there's no need to create separate forms for each landing page and it makes things very easy when you want to add, remove or change the order of fields in your form. It also makes leveraging Progressive Profiling a breeze.

The new "Form Dashboard" tab, visible when editing or viewing any of your Forms, shows you the URLs where your Form is getting the most impressions and delivering the most conversions.

Campaign Comparison Dashboard - August 21, 2014

This new Dashboard that allows you to compare the results from any number of campaigns side by side. It's been a highly requested feature that we're happy to provide.

Accounts with Standard & Custom Account Fields - August 14, 2014

We're excited to announce that we are adding support for Accounts. Going forward, each of your Contacts is now a member of an Account. Accounts come with Standard Account Fields like Industry and Revenue. You may also add an unlimited number of Account Custom Fields. Of course you may Segment your prospects based on the values in any of your Account fields as you choose (and therefore leverage Account level information to score, nurture, drip, alert, etc.).

Accounts will "touch" many areas of the platform so we're rolling out support for Accounts in phases. The basic capabilities are live now. Some of the areas that will be enhanced include...

  • The Contact Upload/Import process will soon support Accounts as well
  • CRM integrations will sync Account level fields along with your Contacts
  • The Form Builder and Web Form Mapping tools will be updated to allow fields to be mapped to Accounts
  • Values of Account fields will be adjustable via Advanced/Nurturing Campaigns
  • Lead Scoring will be possible at the Account level

We've already added 10 new Account related methods to our JSON API. You can expect many more methods to be published in the coming weeks.

Secure/HTTPS Support for Embedded Forms - August 13, 2014

Google recently announced that they've begun using HTTPS as a search engine ranking signal. This means that if your website is hosted via a secure, encrypted connection your page may rank higher on Google than similar sites that are not secure. Due to this (and some customer suggestions) we've added the ability to embed your Forms on pages served via HTTPS.

Any Forms you embed from this point forward will support both HTTP and HTTPS connections (the connection type is detected automatically and the Form will be served correctly).

To update Forms you've already embedded, you'll need to navigate to that Form and click the "Get Source" button. Replace the old embed code with the new and your form will be served securely.

New Conversions Dashboard - June 11, 2014

When you place a Form on your website, blog or a Landing Page we track impressions, conversions and conversion rates for you automatically. The new Conversions Dashboard shows you which pages are converting well and which aren't.

  • Know which pages are getting the most impressions and conversions
  • Target low converting pages for improvement
  • Easily spot pages that need more traffic
  • Drill down to see which Contacts converted on any individual page

For those of you building custom reporting leveraging our JSON API, this new dashboard uses two recently published methods:

  • Form::getAllStatistics
  • Form::getMultipleConversions

Downloads Dashboard and Supporting API Methods - May 29, 2014

The Downloads Dashboard makes clear which of your PDFs and other downloadable assets are driving the most engagement. Know at a glance which assets are the most popular and drill down to see who downloaded each asset and when.

The data driving the charts and tables on this dashboard is at your fingertips (if code is your thing) via two new JSON API methods:

  • Asset::getAllStatistics
  • Asset::getMultipleDownloads

New Lead Scoring API Methods - May 14, 2014

LeadScoreOverlay::getRules allows you to retrieve details related to each of your lead scoring rules in a given Lead Score Overlay.

LeadScoreOverlay::getAdjustments provides a means of retrieving individual score adjustments, their amount, time stamp, the id of the rule that triggered them and the id of the effected Contact.

Also useful is the existing LeadScoreOverlay::getAll method that returns all Lead Score Overlays in a basic format that includes name, id, and status for each.

Introducing "The Pulse" - May 13, 2014

The Pulse is a collection of dashlets that provide a high level overview of your recent marketing performance. Campaign statistics, form impressions and conversions, pdf downloads and more are surfaced in one location to help you keep your finger "on the pulse" of your marketing activities. The Pulse is your new home page in Net-Results. We look forward to your feedback!

Included in the Pulse is a dashlet called "The Stream". The Stream is where we'll publish short descriptions of feature releases, news and other relevant information. We're committed to keeping you informed as we continuously enhance Net-Results. The Stream will help us communicate with your more efficiently.

New Campaign Activity API Methods - May 12, 2014

We've published several new API methods in the Campaign controller that provide details on which Contacts have taken what actions (and when) in relation to emails launched from the platform. The new methods include:

  • getCampaignSends
  • getCampaignOpens
  • getCampaignClicks
  • getCampaignVisits
  • getCampaignBounces
  • getCampaignUnsubscribes

Track Your Landing Pages with Google Analytics - May 1, 2014

You may now add Google Analytics tracking code to your Landing Pages. Click the "Google Analytics" button at the top of the Landing Page Builder, paste in your GA tracking code and hit save. That's all you need to do.

Your page won't be tracked by Google while you're editing or previewing. Only page views of your live, published landing pages will be tracked.

Helpful Tab Names - April 27, 2014

A minor change with a nice impact on usability, your browser tabs now inherit their names from the title of the page you are currently on.

If you have the new Contacts Dashboard open your browser tab will be named "Contacts Dashboard" making it easier to keep your head together amongst multiple browser tabs (we know we need the help.. ;)

New API Method: Form::getAllStatistics - April 25, 2014

This API method provides a wealth of information related to the number of impressions and conversions each of your Forms generates. We are currently using this method to create a new Impressions/Conversions dashboard that we'll deliver soon.

This method accepts a start date and end date as its inputs and returns total and unique impressions/conversions for each page on which you've placed a Net-Results Form. This applies to Forms embedded on your website, blog or other web properties in addition to Landing Pages you've built within the platform.

Data is grouped both by date and landing page URL enabling the creation of some very powerful reporting.

New Contacts Dashboard - April 25, 2014

We've just published the first of many new dashboards that are coming your way. The Contacts Dashboard provides insight into the growth of your mailable database of Contacts. Also included are email bounces and unsubscribes that subtract from your number of mailable Contacts.

Spikes in bounces may be indicative of poor data quality. Spikes in unsubscribes usually mean that your content was not perceived as relevant (solvable via better segmentation and prospect targeting). This dashboard can help you identify trends toward success as well as the other direction.

Another New API Method - April 14, 2014

Another new method has been published in our JSON API. Asset::getStatistics returns data about your .pdf (and other) assets and how often they are downloaded.
We're currently using this method to build a "Content Engagement" dashboard that will help you understand which content your prospects find most compelling.
This method requires two parameters: start_date and stop_date (provided in Unix timestamp format) and returns a stringified JSON object that provides details about the number of times each asset was downloaded during the provided date range as well as downloads per day.

New API Method - April 5, 2014

We've published a new method in our JSON API, getMailableStatistics. This method is available via the Contact controller (so geeks would refer to this method as Contact::getMailableStatistics).
We're currently using this method to build out reporting that will provide visibility into the growth of your database of Contacts in Net-Results. It's the first of several methods that will be leveraged to deliver dashboards and reports that make clear the growth (and bounces and opt-outs) of your Lists, Subscriptions and Contacts overall.
This method requires two parameters: start_date and stop_date (provided in Unix timestamp format) and returns a stringified JSON object that provides details about the number of Mailable Contacts, Bounced Contacts and Unsubscribed Contacts for each day in the date range you passed.

Updated Company Lookup Tables - April 1, 2014

We've just updated the data we use to proactively identify company, city, state and country of the otherwise anonymous visitors that come to your website.
This update will give you greater insight into the companies that visit your website without filling out a form or otherwise identifying themselves.
Happy Hunting!

3 Useful Sections Added to the Contact Details Page - March 30, 2014

  • Lead Score (shows the total lead score as well as the Contact, Activity, Engagement and Manual scores for the Contact you're viewing)
  • Subscriptions (shows you the Contact's opt-in/opt-out status for each Subscription you've created)
  • Bounce Status (lets you know whether the email address for the Contact you're viewing is currently "Bounced" and unable to receive emails)

2 Quick Enhancements - March 28, 2014

  • You may now resize images in the landing page builder via drag & drop
  • The list of Landing Pages on "My Landing Pages" now includes sortable columns that show the date each Landing Page was created on and when it was last modified (these dates were not being stored until now so you won't see created date for existing pages. Modified date will appear as you modify existing pages)

New Lead Owner Fields Now Available - March 26, 2014

We've added "Lead Owner Phone" and "Lead Owner Title" as new Standard Fields in the platform. Use these as "Personalized Fields" in your emails to customize email signatures with the title and phone number of the salesperson that "owns" each lead. These new fields complement the existing Lead Owner Email, First Name and Last Name fields we've always supported.

Completely Redesigned Interface - March 7, 2014

The new design, in addition to a dramatically improved overall appearance, delivers many improvements in usability and user experience.

  • Navigation has been streamlined eliminating unnecessary page loads
  • Dozens of usability and user experience improvements
  • Best Practices content is published within the app to help you improve your marketing results
  • Clean design with more white space delivers a more pleasing experience in general

Added Column: Date List Created - February 26, 2014

A minor but useful addition: the "datagrid" that displays your marketing Lists now includes a "Date Created" column. The column is sortable and your sorting selection will persist throughout your session. This additional column had been requested and can help you easily return to Lists you've recently created.

Improved Usability: Persistent Sorting & Additional Sorting Options - February 17, 2014

  1. Net-Results now remembers your sorting selection on a per-page basis as you use the app
  2. Same for your "results per page" selection (10, 25, 50) - it persists until you change it or log out
  3. We've also added "Date Created" and "Last Modified" columns to several pages (i.e. Segments, Forms) to make working with Net-Results more efficient!

New API Method: Send Any Email to Any Contact - February 6, 2014

Popular demand delivers again! We’ve added a new method to the Conversation controller in the JSON API. The new sendEmail method accepts two required parameters: email_id and contact_id and it does… just what you’d think it’d do (sends that email to that contact). This method is of great value in sending autoresponder style emails based on any events of your choosing. The resulting email is sent without delay (no delay that a human would notice anyway... technically it’s queued and handled by a queue worker, if you care how the sausage is made). Important to note that...

  1. The email you want to send must already exist as a Net-Results email and therefore have an email_id that can be passed to the method. You cannot pass email content, a subject line, from address, etc. to this method as all of those are set when you create/modify your email in Net-Results.
  2. The contact you want to send the email to must already exist, have a valid email address and not be in a bounced or unsubscribed status. The API will return a useful error message if any of these conditions is not met.
  3. You may find it useful to retrieve the contact_id via the Contact::getContactIdByEmailAddress method or the Contact::getContactIdByMauuid method.

Let us know how you put this new API method to work for you. We love a good use case as much as the next guy ;)

Sugar7 Integration Module Now Available - January 17, 2014

Net-Results now supports Sugar7. An upgrade-safe Sugar module is available to drop in to your online or on-premise instance of Sugar7. How sweet...

Numeric, Date and Date/Time Custom Field Types - January 7, 2014

At long last we've added support for creating Custom Fields that store numeric values, date values and date/time values. These new field types unlock a lot of power via Segments and the automated actions you may drive with them!

Campaign Dashboard - September 6, 2013

We've rolled out a new Dashboard to help you analyze your campaign results! Get a comprehensive overview across all Campaigns for whatever date range you choose or analyze any single Campaign across any period of time.
The new Campaigns Dashboard will load up automatically when you click on the Dashboards tab.

Webhooks! - August 26, 2013

We've added support for Webhooks to the list of Form Actions Net-Results can take when a prospect submits one of your web forms

July 30, 2013

  • You now have complete control over the placement, wording, and styling of a fully Custom Unsubscribe message in your Emails. Along with this update we've added the ability for you to create fully custom Subscription Management Landing Pages. You also have full control over how your corporate address appears in your email footer.
  • Manage Net-Results List Membership directly within your integrated CRM solution. This allows you to provide your sales personnel the power to add prospects directly to Lead Nurturing Campaigns (if you so choose).

July 25, 2013

"Save As" has been Added to the Form Builder

A "Save As" button has been added to the Net-Results Form Builder. If you've associated Actions with the form you're duplicating those Actions will be carried over to the new form as well. For example, any Lead Scoring Actions will be automatically duplicated and modified to score submissions of the the newly saved form in the same manner that the original form was scored. Of course you may modify the Form Actions of the newly created form to suit your needs as you choose.

July 18, 2013

LinkedIn Support Added to Socialize

You may now post to LinkedIn Groups via the recently released Socialize feature available via the Marketing Center. Status updates via personal LinkedIn accounts are supported as well.

LinkedIn has not yet made it possible for us to offer you the ability to post updates to your LinkedIn Company Page yet. We'll add that ability as soon as they do!

June 29, 2013

Social Posting via Socialize

You may now post to your Twitter or Facebook accounts using Net-Results! Access the Socialize area within the Marketing Center to enable your accounts and start posting to your social networks!

June 8, 2013

Editing Advanced Field Labels in the Form Builder

Based on customer feedback, you are now able to change the field labels for the Name and Address Advanced Fields within the Form Builder. These field blocks already make it possible to put the First Name and Last Name on the same line as well as provide a full Address block (everything from Street Address to Country). Now, with the ability to edit the labels, our international customers can use things like "Prénom" instead of the auto-populated "First Name." This allows you to better personalize and control how your forms look and function.

May 18, 2013

Integration with ion

Net-Results now integrates with the ion landing page platform so you can more easily capture submissions from forms--as well as easily differentiate between mobile and non-mobile submitters automatically. Read more about the integration here.

May 9, 2013

2 substantial speed/performance improvements are now in place:

  • The Contacts page now loads much faster than it had in the past
  • Campaign Statistics now loads much faster than it had in the past

May 4, 2013

New Salesforce Account/Opportunity Segment Conditions Added

Four new segment conditions have been added for our Salesforce-integrated customers to more easily identify Accounts and Opportunities using a Segment, Campaign, or Lead Scoring Overlay rule. The four criteria are as follows:

  • (Has A/Does Not Have A) Salesforce Account Opportunity
  • (Is Not/Is) Salesforce Account Opportunity Closed
  • (Has A/Does Not Have A) SalesForce Opportunity
  • (Is Not/Is) SalesForce Opportunity Closed

As with other Salesforce items, these can be found under the Contact Attributes category when adding your conditions.

You may use these new conditions to respectively find:

  • Any Contact whose Company is tied (or not tied) to any opportunity
  • Any Contact whose Company is tied to any Opportunity and that Opportunity has a status of not closed (or closed)
  • Any Contact who is directly tied (or not directly tied) to any Opportunity
  • Any Contact who is directly tied to any Opportunity and that Opportunity has a status of not closed (or closed)

April 20, 2013

Google: (search phrase not provided)

You may have noticed Net-Results reporting "search phrase not provided" as a traffic source. This is a recent, minor change we've implemented to help you better understand the inbound traffic to your website and better gauge your inbound marketing success.

If a visitor to your website is logged in to any Google product (GMail for example) when they perform a Google search, Google encrypts the search phrase making it impossible for Net-Results (or any other provider) to report to you the specific search phrase that was used.

In the past, visitors arriving at your site with an encrypted Google search phrase were reported by Net-Results as has having a Traffic Source of "Direct Access". Going forward, these visitors will show a Traffic Source of "Google" with the search phrase reading "(search phrase not provided)".

In effect, this change will benefit you in several ways:

  • A better understanding of the amount of inbound natural search traffic your website is generating
  • Clearer insight into which pages are attracting inbound traffic
  • "search phrase not provided" is segmentable as a search phrase within Net-Results allowing you to, for example, generate reports specific to visitors of this type for further analysis
  • Better alignment with traffic sources reported by 3rd party analytics services such as Google Analytics

Tip: With this differentiation, you can create a Segment to drill down on the activity of only these "search phrase not provided" Visitors to your site. By examining where they arrived and what other pages they hit, you can infer what they searched for or at least what they were interested in. Even better, setup a Pages Viewed Report based on that Segment to have the information automatically delivered to you on a regular basis.

March 15, 2013

  • Landing Page Builder Improvement - We've added the capability to include your own CSS on your Landing Pages to style them however you like. This will help you preserve the look and feel of your own website.

February 2, 2013

  • Landing Page Builder Improvement - We've added the capability to use background images on your Landing Pages and to make the Canvas area completely transparent (to allow a background to show through). This gives you more functionality when building your landing pages to have them look the way you want.

January 26, 2013

  1. Lead Stages - Define the various stages of your Marketing Funnel and move your Contacts through them with this new functionality.
  2. Funnel Report - Report on the lead flow (based on Lead Stages) through your funnel over time.

January 10, 2013

  • Progressive Profiling - Now with Net-Results Landing Pages and Forms, you can progressively profile your visitors by only asking for certain information and prepopulating the form fields that they've already provided!

December 22, 2012

  • Begins With/Ends With - Now segmenting on attributes like Zip Code can be done much easier; in addition to a does/does not match or contain, you may now specify a Contact Attribute does/does not begin with or end with a certain value.

November 10, 2012

  1. Estimate Participants - Now finding out how many Contacts will qualify for your campaign is as easy as pushing a button. Using the Simple option in Participants, on either a Drip or Nurture Campaign, you can now get an immediate count of how many would qualify for your campaign if you were to activate it with your included list(s).
  2. Existing Segment Conditions - If you've built a Segment and want to use those same conditions in your Campaign, it's just one button click away on the Advanced side of Participants.

October 13, 2012

  1. Form Builder - Build and publish your own forms directly in Net-Results for use on your own pages or our new...
  2. Landing Page Builder - Build and publish your own landing pages, with or without forms! After some initial setup steps, compose landing pages on your own without having to get your IT or Web teams involved to make them live.
  3. Assets - With our new Asset hosting functionality, it's even easier to make your PDFs and documents available on your Net-Results landing pages.
  4. Google Adwords Integration - See the performance of your Adwords Campaigns, Ad Groups, and Keywords all within an Net-Results Dashboard. If you also integrate with supported CRM systems, we will use your Opportunities to report ROI automatically!

September 22, 2012

  • Folder View - Organize your Segments, Lists, Emails, and Campaigns in Folders for easier navigation and usage!

May 26, 2012

  • GoToWebinar Integration - Segment, Lead Score, and target your Campaigns to Contacts who registered and attended your webinars, use your Campaigns to register your Contacts for webinars, and more. This hotly-requested feature is now available; simply setup your Organizers in the My Account section and you're ready to go!

April 21, 2012

  1. Email Delivery Windows: Set start and stop times in your Campaigns that control when Net-Results will deliver emails to your prospects and customers. This new option is available on the "Settings" tab in your campaigns and allows you to select days of the week and, for each day, the hours during which you'd like Net-Results to deliver your emails.
  2. JSON-RPC API: A new, more functional API for your geeks to use to put data in, and get data out, of Net-Results. Full documentation forthcoming.
  3. SugarCRM Integration Enhancements: Our Sugar Integration now has more features (as promised) similar to our Salesforce.com Integration, including Conversations, FunnelVision, Task Scheduling, and Campaign Syncing.

March 19, 2012

  1. Drip Campaigns: A straightforward drip campaign builder that allows you to easily create campaigns that send any number of emails on any schedule you desire. Drip Campaigns also include Campaign Reports on emails sent, opens & clicks as well as automatic bounce, unsubscribe & subscription management.
  2. Manual Lead Scoring: A way to manually add or subtract points from a prospect's lead score, usually based on an interaction or lack of interaction with that prospect. This is available for any Lead or Contact on the Net-Results Lead Score tab available in our Salesforce, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics and SalesLogix integrations as well as from the Contact Detail page within Net-Results. Note: When making a manual lead score adjustment we'll require you to input a reason for the change. Your manual adjustment will appear instantly in the prospect's Activity Stream and will impact both the Manual Score and the Total Lead score for your prospect.
  3. Salesforce.com Integration Enhancements:
  • Conversations: The ability for you to make any email you've built in Net-Results available within Salesforce as a "Sales Template." Salesforce users can then choose from those templates, customize the messaging and send a fully trackable Net-Results email to any Lead or Contact. We call these emails Conversations. Conversation emails (and all associated activity such as email sends, opens, clicks & bounces) all flow directly to the prospect's Activity Stream (already available in both Net-Results & Salesforce).
  • FunnelVision A personalized sales dashboard embedded in Salesforce.com
    • Who's Hot is a listing of Leads & Contacts owned by you (the logged in Salesforce user) sorted by Lead Score. This lets you see at a glance which prospects have been scoring big points due to their engagement with your website, emails and collateral.
    • Prospect Activity allows you to see which of your prospects have been on your website, exactly how they got there and what pages they viewed during their visit.
    • Anonymous Visitors shows you which companies are visiting your website who've not yet identified themselves by filling out a form or otherwise contacting you. This is great if you've got some down time and want to make some calls to drum up additional leads. These calls are much more effective when made to companies who are already checking out your company.
    • My Emails shows you all the Conversation emails you've sent to your prospects. You can see who's opened your emails, who's clicked through and how many times.

Throughout FunnelVision you'll find that the names of your Leads, Contacts and Accounts are all links that allow you to navigate directly to the spot you'd like to go within Salesforce.com. We'll be rolling out additional features to FunnelVision (and adding it to other leading CRM solutions) in the coming weeks and months.

February 26, 2012

  • You can now receive Campaign Reports right in your inbox rather than logging in to Net-Results. Each report contains statistics, charts, and both the Links Clicked and Top Domain reports. There is also a variety of scheduling options, depending on your campaign type. You can also run these reports on previously launched campaigns.

January 28, 2012

  1. The Alerts page now gives you an instant view into the performance of your Alerts. This includes a chart to show the most-triggered Alerts, as well as the number of Alerts triggered over time.
  2. Similarly, the Web Form Mappings page now shows performance statistics on your forms. Use the chart and graph to see your most-submitted forms and your total form submissions over time, respectively.
  3. Our Campaign Statistics page has been updated to include a hotly-requested feature: Links Clicked Report. With this, you can now see the number of unique and total clicks, by link, for all of the emails in your Campaign. Also included is a section to show the full Campaign Statistics immediately, regardless of Segment Selection, and a clearer representation of the by-branch statistics (which can still be altered by a Segment).
  4. Our Image hosting functionality has been modified for ease of use and performance. Images hosted by Net-Results are now easier to upload, organize into folders, and will load faster in your emails.
  5. A new Segment criteria has been added under the Website Visit Activity category: Last Visit. You may now segment on how recently a Contact has (or has not) visited your site.
  6. A new option is available in Lead Score Overlays to control how often your scoring rules run. When combined with the new Last Visit segment criteria, this feature enables you to decrease the lead scores of your prospects based on how recently they visited your website.

December 3, 2011

  • The Pages Viewed Report has gained enhanced (and highly requested) capabilities. You may now run either a Summary or Detail Report either by Page or by Contact. We've also added the ability to Filter on only certain pages, sections of your site, and/or file types. This greatly expands the utility of the Pages Viewed report. For more information, see the Reports section.

November 26, 2011

  1. A major change to the Marketing Dashboard now provides more information on your mailing activity, current mailable universe, and statistics on active and recent campaigns. This improvement includes a customizable graph as well as charts to better represent the performance of your marketing campaigns. Read more about this on the Marketing Dashboard section.
  2. The Lists screen has been modified to load faster than ever before, using periodically summarized data. This is the first of many planned updates to the Marketing Center.

October 15, 2011

  1. A new WYSIWYG HTML Editor is now available, currently in beta version. This new editor will soon replace our current one, as it offers better performance and higher reliability of code. It can also be disabled to allow you to work directly with the HTML Source.
  2. Based on feedback from our customers, we've made a change to our Salesforce integration. When syncing Contacts/Leads to Salesforce, you may now choose to assign the Lead Owner based on the current owner in Net-Results.

September 10, 2011

  1. We added the functionality for Campaign Copy (Save As). Now, recreating a campaign is as simple as choosing a new name. Even campaigns in Retired status can be copied using the Save As link on the Campaigns screen or when viewing/editing the Campaign itself. Note: when copying a campaign, all Adjust Overlay Score actions will need to be added again as they do not automatically copy over.
  2. Various changes were made behind the scenes to improve performance and to ready future improvements. More to come soon!

August 13, 2011

  1. Landing Page & Form Builder has arrived! We're proud to announce that Net-Results now integrates with landing pages and forms built using Unbounce. Unbounce is a popular landing page builder that offers a/b split testing and other advanced features. Net-Results captures data submitted via Unbounce forms. You can also Segment prospects based on who has/has not visited a given landing page and/or filled out the form therein. Read instructions on how to map your Unbounce forms here.
  2. A new campaign action called "Set Field Value" will allow you to, well, set the value of (nearly) any standard or custom field in Net-Results. Useful in many applications including data cleansing/scrubbing/normalizing.
  3. Alerts may now be sent to the current lead owner (as synced from your CRM or set within Net-Results). Rather than having to specify a specific email address to receive an alert, the alert can be sent to person for responsible for the lead automatically. Instructions on using this feature can be found on the Alert setup page in Net-Results.
  4. Our Marketing Center now contains the Marketing Dashboard, a place to quickly view statistics and your active/recent Campaigns. We'll be enhancing this dashboard substantially over the coming weeks.
  5. You may now capture input from hidden fields on your forms using our Web Form Mapping. Note: an update to your capture code may be required for this.
  6. We've added Sage Saleslogix to our growing list of available CRM integrations.

July 23, 2011

  1. In response to customer feedback, we have altered the Sync to Salesforce functionality. Now, when you sync as a Contact, it no longer requires an Account to be specified.
  2. Various fixes were put in place to improve performance, stability, and monitoring. Additional updates will be released as we strive to improve these items further.

June 18, 2011

  1. We added to capability to use a branded domain for your Hosted Email Version, Forward to a Friend, and Unsubscription links. This requires some additional setup, so please contact Support if you're interested in enabling this feature.
  2. We modified the behavior of the All Contacts segment so that it can now be edited to Exclude Known ISPs, use a different Domain Group or Time Zone, etc.
  3. We added functionality to set Subscriptions in the API.

May 21, 2011

  1. A new, highly-requested feature is available called Subscriptions. It provides your recipients more flexibility in choosing what they receive, rather than force them into a full opt-out, by allowing you to categorize your email communications.
  2. You can now "Schedule a Task" in Salesforce for a Lead/Contact, and assign that task an owner, using the "Sync to Salesforce" Campaign Action.
  3. The new Campaign Canvas, released in January 2011, is now the default. The legacy version is still available.
  4. The Custom Fields list is now sorted alphabetically when viewing a Contact. It is also collapsible for easier navigation.
  5. Our API documentation has been updated.
  6. With a Salesforce.com Integration, if you flag someone as EmailOptOut in SalesForce they will also be unsubscribed in Net-Results.

May 7, 2011

  1. A new report type is available via Reports. This new report type is called a "Contacts" report. It allows you to generate a report detailing all Contacts who qualified for any given Segment of your choosing during the reporting period of your choosing.
  2. The Sales Dashboard (Hot Leads Breakdown) can now be added directly into Salesforce.com. You'll need to upgrade your Net-Results package and take a few simple steps. Let us know when you'd like to get it setup.
  3. When a prospect submits a web form that you've "mapped" with Net-Results that form submission will now appear in the activity stream for that Contact.

April 16, 2011

  1. Salesforce.com users now have the ability to sync Campaigns created in Net-Results to Salesforce. You'll find a checkbox on the Settings tab when creating a campaign. Details on this feature and its use will be published shortly in Campaigns.
  2. Added support for sync of the Salesforce "Lead Status" field. You may now segment your leads based on their Lead Status in Salesforce.
  3. We've made great progress on our drag & drop builders. Nothing to show you yet but we thought we'd let you know how we're spending our time.
  4. Outlook plugin is complete from the Outlook side and is available for use in beta, let us know if you'd like to participate. We're doing what we need to in the Net-Results interface to provide visibility into the activities of recipients of trackable emails sent via Outlook.

April 2, 2011

  1. We added the ability to apply a Segment when viewing Campaign statistics. This was not part of our roadmap (or even on our radar) when a customer request led to the revelation that being able to analyze Campaign stats with Segments would make the stats information far more powerful. Now, when analyzing results from a Campaign, you can for example, examine click through rates from a given state or country, open rates from a particular list, etc.
  2. Several behind the scenes changes were made that have a positive impact on application performance.

March 19, 2011

  1. We added a Campaign Action that allows you to adjust the lead scores in any Lead Score Overlay. This continues the transition from our old lead scoring model to the new (and incredibly versatile :) Lead Score Overlays. After selecting the Overlay you'd like to effect, you may choose to Add or Subtract from the Contact, Activity or Engagement score component of the selected Overlay from any branch within any Campaign. Great stuff.
  2. Email "From" and "Reply To" addresses are now able to be dynamic for all Net-Results accounts that have migrated to our new email delivery partner. This means that a campaign email can be from the assigned sales representative - Net-Results will automatically substitute the appropriate representative's email address and name (assuming you use the appropriate Personalized Fields). Email us at Email: support@Net-Results.com if you need a hand.
  3. The Net-Results Sales Dashboard (now called the Hot Leads Breakdown) has been integrated into SugarCRM. The updated package will be available via the SugarExchange shortly. You can have it emailed to you now by sending an email to support.
  4. Several behind the scenes changes were made to satisfy final requirements for listing in Salesforce.com's AppExchange. This portends a coming change for Salesforce users: soon Salesforce API access will no longer be a requirement to use our SFDC integration.
  5. Yet more behind the scenes changes went live that pave the way for our coming interface updates. The coming updates will speed navigation, be more visually attractive, and make Net-Results easier to use on a day-to-day basis.

February 26, 2011

  1. Quick Find/Select boxes were added to Alerts, Campaigns, Web Form Mappings, Custom Fields, Reports and Lead Score Overlays
  2. Made syncing of unsubscribes with SugarCRM bi-directional (if you unsubscribe a person in SugarCRM the unsubscribe is now synced to Net-Results and vice versa).
  3. Beta release of the integration with our new email delivery partner
  4. Created a new API method for setting participants in Campaigns. The new method allows the addition of multiple Lists to the set of participants in a Campaign. The non-friendly name of the new method is createRootCampaignActionGroupWithEmailListIdsCondition. That's a mouthful but geeks like us who write API calls don't mind overly long descriptive names.
  5. A long list of behind the scenes changes were put in place. Most were part of our preparation to implement the new features listed in the "Coming Soon" section above, some were bug fixes and enhancements related to the new drag and drop Campaign interface, Lead Score Overlays and other areas.
  6. We fixed a strange bug that caused the Contacts page to load very slowly in certain situations when the number of Contacts being selected was not large. Thanks to some of our friends in Belgium for putting us on the trail.

February 19, 2011

  1. A new Campaign Action titled "Modify List Membership" that enables fully automated List management. Add/Remove Contacts to/from and List/Lists at any stage in any Campaign.
  2. A new Campaign Action titled "Assign Lead Owner" that allows you to set/modify a Contact's Lead Owner
  3. Greatly enhanced Sales Dashboard (now called the "Hot Leads Breakdown") with tabbed navigation, much better design layout
  4. A Quick Find/Select box that autocompletes as you type allowing you to easily find the item you're looking for. This is now available on Segments, Emails and Lists
  5. Added a link to this What's New page in the top navigation throughout Net-Results
  6. Several bug fixes and minor modifications

February 10, 2011

  1. "Enhanced Alerts" that include details of all the pages viewed during the first 10 minutes a prospect's website visit
  2. Both Instant Alerts and Enhanced Alerts redesigned as attractive HTML emails

February 5, 2011

  1. Alpha release (internal and select customers only) of new email delivery partner integration. This new setup includes multiple features that have been high on the priority list:
    • The ability to have the email From and Reply to use your actual email address with no gobbledygook characters at all
    • Support for load-balanced static IP address pools for high volume email senders (single static IP addresses have always been available)
    • Support for SPF, DKIM and Domain Keys (all of which result in higher email deliverability)
    • Support for branded links in emails (when an email recipient hovers a link in an email you've sent via Net-Results the URL shown is part of your domain, not a 3rd party domain)
    • ReturnPath integration (not automatic, as always with ReturnPath you must prove to be a reputable email sender to gain inclusion on their white list)
  2. Fixed bug in new Campaign interface (which is still in Beta) where recipient selections made in the Simple vs. Advanced interfaces were not populating correctly when toggling to/from Simple/Advanced
  3. Fixed a bug where some Segments were missing from certain drop down lists in the application
  4. Fixed a bug where certain conditions in Segments were not saving properly
  5. Disallow launching of campaigns with an email send action but no email selected

January 29, 2011

  1. Released our new Lead Scoring Overlays (in Beta)
  2. Sitewide performance improvements resulting in greatly reduced page load times
  3. Added abilitiy to map and capture textarea fields in form maps
  4. Modified Campaign statistics formulas for opens, clicks, visits, percentages to be more in line with customer expectations
  5. Removed "Days" as an available option when configuring certain Segment options (such as Visit Duration)
  6. Fixed bug preventing mobile browsers (iphone, blackberry, android) from viewing datagrids
  7. Corrected sort of Lists by name for webkit browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) on beta campaign interface
  8. Fixed an issue where charts on Dashboards would sometimes show dates not in line with what the user had selected

January 15, 2011

  1. Released new Campaign Canvas interface (in Beta)
  2. Released new Contact detail page tabbed layout with cleaner design for easier editing and navigation
  3. Fixed some bugs related to our Salesforce.com & SugarCRM integrations related to the syncing of Custom Fields
  4. Various system performance improvements (query optimization, integration with CloudFront Content Delivery Network [CDN], Campaign execution improvements)