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Zapier is a service you can subscribe to that makes it easy to get data flowing between Net-Results and 100’s of other web applications. Take a look at Zapier's App Directory to see if your apps are listed. Zapier makes it easy to connect your web applications with a few simple clicks, no coding required!

Important: Unable to find Net-Results within the directory? Not a problem! Here is the direct link so you can start the integration today.

How Zapier works with Net-Results

Zapier uses simple IF/THEN logic for it's Triggers and Actions. Below are some generic examples to help illustrate this kind of logic. A Zapier "Trigger" is designated as a X and a Y or Z is designated as an "Actions". Here is a list of Triggers and a list of Actions that are currently supported.

Example 1: IF X happens in Net-Results THEN do Y in my other application.

Example 2: IF X happens in my other application THEN do Y in Net-Results.

Example 3: IF X happens in Net-Results THEN do Y in my other application and Z in another application.

Zapier Triggers

Triggers are events that happen in Net-Results. They can “trigger” Zapier to take action for you in another app.

Net-Results currently supports 3 Triggers:

  1. A Contact is added to a Net-Results List
  2. A Net-Results Form is submitted
  3. A link is clicked in a Net-Results Email

Important: When any of these events takes place, you can have Zapier “trigger” something in another app. What can be triggered in that other app? That depends on what the makers of that app have enabled Zapier to do.

Zapier Actions

Actions are things you can have Zapier do in Net-Results when things happen in other apps.

To get started, Net-Results supports 4 Actions:

  1. Create a Contact in Net-Results (if the Contact already exists it will be updated)
  2. Add a Contact to a List
  3. Remove a Contact from a List
  4. Adjust a Contact’s Lead Stage

Important: You can have Zapier take multiple Actions from a single Trigger.


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