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Net-Results runs on Segments. They’re the engine that drives this powerful marketing automation machine. Segments are filters comprised of specific conditions selected by you, the user, to determine which Contacts you wish to view. All Net-Results instances include an “All Contacts” Segment.

In addition to “All Contacts,” many users also opt to create segments for the following:

  • All Mailable Contacts – Those for whom an email address is on file in Net-Results
  • Regional Contacts – Here, you can substitute the word “Regional” for the actual region. For example, USA, EU, APAC, or Eastern US, Western US, and so on. If you operate across a range of territories, nationally or internationally this can be a useful segment to apply to reporting.
  • Highly Engaged Contacts – This might be tied to lead score or another condition
  • Unengaged Contacts – This segment is helpful if you plan to implement a “Sunsetting Policy” to remove those Contacts who have not engaged within a set period of time.

How to Properly Define Segments

While some segments are broad and inclusive, such as “All Contacts” others are, by nature, exclusive and make heavy use of AND/OR Logic.

Below are two examples to show you what this can mean:

  1. Segment A is defined using the following conditions: Did Not Click in “New Campaign”
    Did Not Click in “Old Campaign”
  2. Segment B is defined using similar conditions, but with one important difference: AND. This segment is defined as follows: Did Not Click in “New Campaign”
    Did Not Click in “Old Campaign”

These segments will return two different sets of results, although there will likely be some overlap. Because both are focused on two or more negative conditions, they’re going to exclude users who have taken a specific action.

Segment A will likely return a larger number of qualifying contacts. This is because the OR designation means that only one of the two conditions listed must be met.

Meanwhile, Segment B will return only those contacts who did not click in either campaign.

How to Leverage Segments

Once your segment has been created and defined with careful attention to And/Or Logic, you can use them for any of the following:

  • Export a CSV file of Contacts who meet specific criteria
  • Generate a List of Contacts who meet specific criteria
  • Import Conditions into a Drip or Nurture Campaign
  • Specify which Contacts to include in a Report
  • Apply Filtering to Some Dashboards in Net-Results.

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