Meet Your Customer Success Team

Net-Results takes excellent customer support seriously (seriously, that’s why we have the highest rated customer support of any marketing automation vendor). We like to get to know our customers & have fun while we help empower you to use Net-Results to it’s fullest capabilities. We’re here to make the task of taking on marketing automation less daunting for you.

Believe it or not, we’re a three-person-show around these parts. Yep. You read that right – just the three of us. Our team is growing quickly, so come back here every now and then to see if there is a new team member to meet! Without further adieu, I’d like to introduce myself & my team members.

Meredith Beer, Customer Success Manager

I’m Meredith & yes my last name is spelled just like the drink. That’s my pug, Lola in the picture up there – she comes to the office with me ever day! I’ve had an eclectic mix of previous jobs (ask me about my CDL license), but came to realize that teaching others is what I truly love doing. When I’m not teaching someone how to use software I enjoy: lounging with Lola, going on hikes, thrifting & painting!

AJ Speck, Customer Success Specialist

Meet AJ SPECK. Born in Iowa, AJ moved to Chicago after college and eventually made his way to Denver. He and his dog Wrigley are huge Cubs (see what he did there with his dogs name?), Packers, and Iowa Hawkeyes fans (seriously, ask him anything about the Cubs). Outside of sports, he’s a huge comic book fan and enjoys a good slice of pizza.

Rachel Parnell, Customer Success Specialist

Rachel has lived in Denver for 3 years and likes to go hiking with her dog, Nike! She also teaches yoga on the weekends (she’s real good at it) & enjoys checking out local brew & wine shops in her free time. She also loves brunch.

Knowledgebase Quick Tips

We try our best to make our knowledgebase fun. I know how painful reading technical support documentation can be (believe me, we had to write all of this so we feel your pain!). Here are a few quick tips to make your experience with our knowledgebase a little easier:

  • Our Widgets!  You might see little icons (made by our great design marketer, Sarah) that look like myself, Rachel & AJ. If you hover over these little guys, you will most likely see a “CS Quick Tip” from us! Try it out below:
  • Platform Updates! Oh man, we love our platform updates. Up on the top navigation bar is where you will find those. If you’re ever curious about what our development team is up to, check that out!
  • Blog Posts! Our CEO, Michael Ward, likes to answer Quora questions from time to time. I can 100% say that the majority of questions that he has answered has helped me expand my knowledge of marketing automation + other concepts. We also like to write articles on topics like UTM Tagging & other technical marketing practices.
  • Give us feedback! We’ve come a long way, but we know we still have further to go. This knowledgebase was our first step into a new era (no more wikimedia for our documentation – can I get a “WOOHOO”?!?!).
    • You will see that you can vote whether an article is helpful or not + also ask any questions about the article, or make a comment. I know, everyone has seen this before & typically feel like your feedback is unheard… I assure you, this is something the Customer Success team is paying attention to & fixing up as we get your feedback!

Okay, okay – enough about us. Go have some fun learning about Net-Results!