Net-Results Support

The quickest way to get in touch with Customer Success is to send in an email to Your Account Representative will be able to grab the ticket and respond, or if they are unavailable, another CS member will be able to assist.

The more details you can provide can be helpful in expediting our response.

Here are some great examples of things to include:

  • A summary of the problem or question
  • Links to any relevant campaigns, emails, lists, content, etc in the platform
  • If using outside content (like a non Net-Results landing page) be sure to include that link as well.
  • If you have multiple brands or instances, or are submitting a ticket from an email that is different than the email you use to log in to Net-results, be sure to include your platform login information
  • If the issue/question relates to your CRM or other third party platform, screenshots can be helpful

Here are some topic specific examples of what to include:

For Form issues:

  • The name of the form in Net-Results
  • The landing page where the form is embedded

For Campaign issues:

  • The name or a link to the Campaign in Net-Results
  • Contact examples if the Campaign is performing inaccurately
  • For a Campaign review, please include the desired workflow/goal/ outcome

Basically, the more specific information you can provide, the better!