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The difference between Segments and Lists

CRM generated dynamic Lists

How to export a List

Creating a New List

Lists can be created in multiple ways in your Net-Results Instance. Lists are static meaning, Contacts must be added to them either manually or via an Action in the platform. We will cover how to do this coming up in the article. To create a List:

  • Navigate to Contacts & Accounts, select Lists and then Create New
  • Select Create New List from the Create New drop-down available in the left navigation throughout Net-Results
  • When Uploading Contacts (via CSV Import), you may create a new List “on the fly” on the second page of your import
  • Connect your CRM and leveraging Dynamic Marketing Lists, Salesforce Lists, etc

NOTE: The Net-Results API offers methods for automating list management. API access is included with your Net-Results subscription at no additional charge.

Viewing Lists

View your Lists by navigating to Contacts and Accounts > Lists > My Lists

Important: The Lists screen has modified to load faster than ever before, using periodically summarized numbers. If you’ve done a recent import, or believe the count of records or mailable records might be incorrect, click the refresh icon for that list to update the counts.

Here are the options on My Lists page:


The title of your list. Clicking on the name will take you to the Contacts page filtered to show only members of the given List


The total number of Contacts associated with the List.

Mailable Size

Mailable Size reflects the total number of Contacts on the list to whom you may send emails. Net-Results will not send any email to Contacts who are flagged as Bounced or Unsubscribed. The Mailable Size = all contacts with an email address – (total Bounced + total Unsubscribed)

Date Created

Displays the date and time the list was created


The View Members link will take you to the Contacts page filtered to show only members of the given List


Select which folder or subfolder you’d like your List to be stored in


Edit the List Name, Role and Folder for the selected list


Any List can be deleted unless it has been used in a Campaign. In those cases, an Archive User would be the best way to hide your unwanted List(s) from view using Roles. Contact Support if you would like assistance with this option

Populate your Lists

Unless a list is created via CSV upload or synced directly from your CRM, there will not be Contacts automatically in your list. In order to add Contacts you can leverage a Segment or Campaign/Form Action.

Using Segments

You can read more about creating Segments here. Once you create the parameters for a Segment and Save it, you can then click the “Save and Add to List button. This will automatically populate those Contacts onto your list.

Using Campaign or Form Actions

  • In the Actions Tab of Campaigns and Forms you are able to add a Modify List Membership Action.
  • In a Form, this action can be used to Add/Remove Contacts from a List if they submit the form.
  • In a Campaign, this action can can used to Add/Remove Contacts from a List based on behavioral actions such as: Does click link > Add to List

Segments vs. Lists

Segments are able to leverage conditions, behaviors and fields within Net Results to pull together a group of Contacts. Segments are dynamic and perpetual, meaning that they will continue to add and remove Contacts from the Segment based on the conditions set. Segments can leverage Lists as part of their conditions.

Lists are static. Contacts on the list will remain on the List until an outside action removes them from the List. (such as a Campaign action)

Both Lists and Segments can be used in the Participants Tab of a Campaign.

CRM Generated Lists

Depending on your CRM integration, Lists will populate from your CRM into Net-Results automatically when you perform your first full sync.

Dynamics 365 – You can now sync both static and dynamic lists from Dynamics 365 to Net-Results! The sync of dynamic lists is a one-way sync: Your List in Net-Results will be updated hourly such that its membership will match the membership in Dynamics 365.

Exporting Lists

To download a csv of your list is simple! Navigate to the My Lists Page and click on the name of the List you want to export or on the Members icon to the right which takes you to the My Contacts Page.

From here click the down arrow next to Select then choose All Contacts.

Then a menu option will appear to the left of Select

Click Download and you have a CSV copy of your List!

List Quick Tips

    • You may create an unlimited number of Lists
    • Each List may have an unlimited number of Contacts associated with it
    • Each Contact may be a member of an unlimited number of Lists
    • The number of Lists you create has no impact on your subscription fee
    • Editing the name of a List will not affect any Campaigns or Segments that make use of the List. The newly edited name will immediately be displayed wherever that List is used.
    • Deleting a List does not delete the Contacts that are members of that List.
Updated on September 26, 2023

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