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Segments are the Key to the Power of Net-Results.

A Segment is a group of Contacts that meet conditions of your choosing. Segment conditions may be static (for example, city) or behavior-based (for example, the number of web pages viewed) and may easily be combined. Segment conditions are organized into the following categories:

  • Account Attributes - Contains our Standard Account Fields, data at the company-level, as well as any Account Custom Fields you've created, and certain Account-level fields added via supported CRM Integration.
  • Campaign Activity such as whether the prospect did/did not open or click a certain email, also whether they bounced or unsubscribed. These conditions can be campaign specific or you may use the Any Campaign condition.
  • Contact Attributes - Contains our Standard Fields such as city, state, country, company name, etc. This category will also contain any Custom Fields you've created, and certain fields added via supported CRM Integration.
  • Conversations selects contacts who have received, clicked, or opened the tracked messages sent through the Send Net-Results Email feature in your SugarCRM or Integration.
  • GoToWebinar selects contacts who have (or have not) registered or attended your GoToWebinars.
  • Landing Page & Forms selects contacts who have completed or not completed your Net-Results Form Builder forms and mapped Unbounce forms
  • Lead Score Overlays select prospects based overall lead score or any component of their lead score.
  • List Membership tests whether a prospect is or is not a member of any List or Lists.
  • Traffic Sources filter contacts based on how they arrived at your website such as natural search, paid search or referral from a given 3rd party site.
  • Subscriptions selects contacts who have opted in or out of your defined categories of emails.
  • Website Visit Activity such as the number of page views or repeat visits, visit duration and specific pages viewed/not viewed.
  • Web Form Mappings know exactly who did and who did not fill out any given form on your website.

Note that not all categories will appear for you unless that features is enabled or if you have items of that type, for example List Membership will not show up if you have no Lists, GoToWebinar will not show up unless that integration has been enabled, and so on.

Segments allow you to combine conditions from each of the above categories in any combination you choose. The power this allows you cannot be overstated.

Segments control which alerts you'll receive. They decide which information appears on your Dashboards and in your Reports. If you'd like emails to be triggered automatically based on prospect behavior, Segments will allow you to target your recipients with incredible precision. Segments drive nearly every aspect of Net-Results. The good news is that they're easy to use and understand.

  • Segments allow you to segment or filter your Contacts based on any available criteria in whatever manner you choose.
  • You may create an unlimited number of Segments.
  • The number of Contacts that may qualify for a given Segment is unlimited.

Example You can easily create a Segment that selects all Contacts who:

  • Clicked a link in a particular email in a particular campaign and...
  • Looked at 5 or more pages after clicking through and...
  • Spent at least 3 minutes on your website during that visit and...
  • Are located in California and...
  • Are associated in your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system with an opportunity >$500,000

Segment Screenshot

Segments drive nearly every functional aspect of Net-Results including:

  • Lead Scoring rules
  • Instant/Enhanced Alerts
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Email Campaign Recipients & Event-based Triggers
  • List membership
  • Dashboards
  • Analytics
  • Real-time website traffic monitoring/reporting

Domain Groups

You may choose to have Net-Results monitor as many domains and/or sub-domains as you like. For example your website at and your blog at may be monitored simultaneously (you may monitor as many websites as you like and they do not have to share the same domain name however, they must all be sites that are under your legal control). The visitors from these two domains may be grouped together into one Domain Group or kept separate each in their own individual Domain Group. You'll be asked to choose how to group your domains whenever you add a new domain to your Net-Results account. You may change how your domains are grouped at any time but note that changes to domain grouping only impact newly captured data. We are not able to retroactively apply changes in domain grouping.