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Who Has Access to Enter Payment Inforrmation

Where to Enter Payment Information

Entering payment information for your Net-Results subscription is simple & easy to do right within the UI! Below we will go over how to enter your payment information and who has access to do so.

Who Can Enter Payment Information?

Users of Net-Results that have an Administrator/Billing profile assigned to them will be able to view the area where payment information can be entered in. If you are unable to view this area, you will need to contact an admin user and ask for the permissions to be changed. You can follow the directions found here to update user profiles.

Where to Enter Payment Information

  • Log in to your Net-Results instance and navigate to your email address in the upper right-hand corner -> Administration -> Payment Information.
  • On the next screen, simply enter in the payment information, including the billing address!
  • Additionally, under Administration, you can view a Billing Summary which will contain the Statement Number, Billing Date, and Amount Billed.

If you are having trouble entering your payment details feel free to call our billing department at 303-771-2552 ext. 3 and they will be able to help out!

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