Why Net-Results?

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  • Key Net-Results features
  • Our mission, and what we believe in

In a Nutshell

Net-Results is a marketing automation platform built for modern B2B marketers. We address the key pain points marketers face when attempting to generate leads and sales for their organization.

We make it simple to:

  • Automate mundane marketing tasks
  • Respond and engage with customers in a relevant and timely manner
  • Track the performance of your efforts
  • Integrate with your sales teams platform and efforts

Net-Results is often compared to Marketo, Oracle Eloqua and Salesforce Pardot.

What distinguishes us is how we interact with you, our customers. We offer unlimited training and support at no additional cost.

This enables you to get all the help you need to actually use the software. We’re here to help you master the software, so you can continue to automate and improve your marketing efforts.

Who uses Net-Results?

Our users are typically B2B marketing teams of 3+ people in charge of lead generation for their business.

Net-Results functions as the following three critical elements in a B2B marketers life:

  • The central customer data hub
  • The customer engagement engine
  • The reporting platform

Net-Results is the platform modern marketers need in order to save time, make the right decisions and be successful generating new business.

Platform Features

As your central customer engagement platform, Net-Results makes it easy for you to organize and execute your marketing strategy.

An overview of platform features:

  • Deep segmentation capabilities. Always make sure you communicate with the right prospects and customers. You can create data segments as granular as you’d like them. You can apply your segments across the of the platform, such as in lists, in lead scoring or in campaigns.
  • Lead scoring. Net-Results lead scoring is based on segments and profiles, also called overlays. This means you can score on literally any data point or customer action, as well as score differently based on which overlay you’re using. Marketers working with multiple personas will especially love this approach.
  • Email & Landing Page Builders. Choose between Custom Code or Drag and Drop builder formats. These features are built in such a way that marketers can create their beautiful assets and modules without an extensive web design background.
  • Form builder. Capture lead data from the website. Either use smart forms through Javascript, or direct HTML forms. Formulate follow-up actions and have Net-Results take care of submissions automatically.
  • Campaigns. Based on the same granular segments, build out conditional campaigns. These allow you to automatically follow up with customers, send out emails, alter lead scores and much, much more.
  • Triggers & Alerts. Notify sales when a prospect revisits the site. Always know when certain forms are submitted. As always, through the Net-Results segment engine you can make sure you (and your sales and marketing teams) always know exactly when something important happens and they need to take action.

Net-Results EcoSystem

As your central customer data hub, Net-Results does not exist on its own. We made sure the platform plays nice with all your existing business systems.

  • CRM integration. Net-Results offers native integrations with Salesforce.com, Dynamics 365 and SugarCRM that you can set up within the hour.
  • Integrations. Net-Results integrates, out-of-the-box, with lots of other systems you’re currently using, such as Zapier, Wistia, Vimeo and Oktopost.
  • API. The flexible Net-Results API (along with our stellar support staff) will make sure you can connect any custom systems to the platform effortlessly.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a platform that helps marketers work smarter, not harder. Net-Results allows B2B marketers to focus on creativity and strategy, because they have automated all the mundane tasks.

This is made possible by three things:

First is an intuitive, easy-to-use marketing platform that enhances productivity, makes creating and running campaigns an absolute joy, and allows marketers to prove their worth to the rest of the business. Net-Results in the marketing automation platform you’ll actually use.

The second crucial element is unlimited and continuous training and support for all Net-Results customers. We believe it’s up to us, as your software vendor, to make sure you’re customers successful using our software. We will never charge you extra for the training you, as a customer, have a right to get from us.

Third, when you buy Net-Results, you get everything that comes with it. There are no reporting add-ons, sales users, API-call packages or premium plans. You’ll never have to think about buying additional features you would like to be using. Only the size of your database of active contacts (so people you can’t email don’t count) determines your pricing: the rest of the platform, and unlimited support, is always included.

Updated on September 26, 2023

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