What happens when I submit a ticket to CS?

Sending in a Ticket

One of the fastest ways to communicate with the Customer Success Team is by emailing support@net-results.io . Your email automatically creates a ticket that is then assigned to your Account Manager (AM).

For the fastest response and resolution time, here is information you should include with any ticket:

  • A summary of the issue
  • Links to anything in the platform that relates to your issue/question
    • Email Name
    • List Name
    • Contact
    • Campaign
    • etc
  • If your issues involve a non Net-results landing page, be sure to include the URL
  • For CRM issues to questions, take a screenshot of the browser and include the URL
  • In short, the more information you can provide, the faster we may be able to solve your ticket

Ticket Process

Once a ticket is received, your AM will do the following:

  1. Answer the question
  2. Investigate the issue
  3. Escalate/Involve other teams
  4. Document

Did you know: our average response time is 1 hour and our average resolution time is less than 1 day!

Answer the Question

Some tickets will simply require a response – for example: “What is the difference between my Mailable and Non-mailable Contacts?” or “Can you send me information on the Zapier integration?

In this case, your AM, will type up a response and send it over along with any supporting documentation or resources.

Investigate the issue

Some tickets require a bit of research on our part. If that is the case your AM will:

  • Investigate in the platform
  • Research any third-party platforms or sites involved in your ticket
  • Discuss the issue with other team members of the Customer Success Team.
  • Google – We believe in leveraging all our resources and sometimes the Customer Success Team will leverage the vast array of knowledge on the internet to help solve an issue.

Great examples of these types of tickets are:

  • Custom CSS for forms, emails, or landing pages
  • Campaign sending issues
  • Email deliverability


At Net-Results we believe in solving problems together. This includes our customer tickets. Sometimes we will have to pull in another team for assistance.

When this happens:

  • All research or information gathered by the CS team is documented in your ticket
  • The ticket is sent to the Product team to further investigate.
  • These teams have a “Ticket cop” – a designated person to assist CS with tickets. The Ticket Cop further troubleshoots the issue.
  • Then a response, summary of a solution, or further questions is sent back to CS.
  • Your AM then communicates back to you.

Sometimes the Product Team can quickly resolve your issue. For example – the Email Builder is not saving emails correct (the spinning wheel). This is a bug that the Development team can generally address in an hour or two.

Other times, there is more investigation, digging into our database or research that needs to be done. If the issue is going to go past a day to resolve, your AM will communicate to you that we are still looking into the ticket.


Have a feature request for the platform? Use the support email to send it over to Customer Success. We want to hear how your user experience is going. When the CS team receives a feature request it is documented & reviewed:

  • The CS team member who receives the request logs the new feature in a Customer Issues board.
  • This board is reviewed weekly by the Director of Customer Success & the Director of Product. Issues are discussed and vetted for inclusion in the platform.
  • The Director of Product then meets with our Product Owner to further discuss which issues can be included in upcoming developments.
  • If the issues are accepted, the Product Team works on the new feature.
  • The feature is released on the platform!

You may be wondering what gets an issue accepted? There is a few criteria to consider for customer requests:

  • Have multiple customers made the same request? or Does this feature assist many of our customers?
  • Does the feature fit in with the overall goals and trajectory of the platform?
  • What else is the Product Team currently working on? or What other projects are currently in development?
  • Do we have the resources needed to complete this feature/project?

And there you have it, a look into the processes of Net-Results teams and tickets!

Updated on November 4, 2019

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