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Why set up a custom sync?

How to set up a Custom Sync

Why set up a Custom Sync with your CRM?

Do you have a large number of leads, contacts & accounts in your CRM? Are you wanting to limit those who enter into your Net-Results instance?

If so, there is an option of adding a Custom CRM Sync to allow this.

This type of sync allows you to choose which leads, contacts or accounts you would like to sync over from your CRM, giving you total control over managing your account.

How to set up a Custom Sync

In your CRM, create a custom boolean (true/false) field for Accounts/Contacts/Leads with:

  1. A name of Sync_to_Net_Results. This is the name of the field, not the label. *Please note: this is case sensitve.
    • If you utlize SalesForce:
      • Field Name: Sync_to_Net_Results
        • Note: SalesForce automatically adds __c so it ends up as Sync_to_Net_Results__c (Case sensitive)
    • If you utlize Dynamics:
      • Field Name: Sync_to_Net_Results__c
        • Note: Dynamics may force a preface. When you set up your custom sync, if a preface is present please ensure to let our Team know what the preface is. I.E. fx_Sync_to_Net_Results__c
    • If you utlize Sugar:
      • Field Name:sync_to_netresults
        • Note: Sugar automatically adds _c so it ends up as sync_to_netresults_c (Case sensitive)
  2. A default of FALSE

Once this is created, you will want to go in and check (or mark True) for any Accounts/Contacts/Leads that you want to come over on the down sync. Anything that is not marked TRUE will be skipped by our sync.

Additionally, if you do not want an entire object synced (ie you do not want to sync any Accounts) then you do not need to add the field. If the field is not added our sync will skip the object entirely.

  • I.E. Sync all accounts & contacts, but only these leads
  • I.E. Sync all accounts, but only these contacts & leads
  • I.E. Sync only these accounts, contacts & leads

Once complete, please reach out to the Customer Success Team by emailing Please let our team know that you would like to turn on your Custom Sync and if applicable any objects to skip.

Updated on September 27, 2023

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