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Why is the new Platform called Goldilocks?

What’s changed in Goldilocks?

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Why is the new platform called Goldilocks?

As we look around the marketing automation space, we see some highly capable platforms with dated, complicated screens and a rough experience.

At the same time, we see some very pretty-looking platforms that are repeatedly exposed as under-powered and incapable of supporting the needs of even moderately sophisticated digital marketers.

Our goal in building Goldilocks was to combine the best of these two worlds: deliver enterprise-class power in a way that is simple to understand, and make it very easy to use with a modern, attractive, intuitive app experience.

A member of our marketing team said So, just right. Like Goldilocks. We agreed and the name stuck!

What’s changed in Goldilocks?

  • A much faster platform wrapped in a gorgeous, modern experience
  • A completely new (and excellent!) Drip Series experience
  • The ability for a Drip Series to send text messages as well as emails
  • A completely new Segment building experience
    • Substantially fewer clicks are required to create even advanced segments
    • Much simpler to adjust or fix mistakes
  • Campaigns are now called Automations
  • Lists are now called Marketing Lists
  • Subscriptions are now called Subscription Lists
  • All settings are found in a single section (as opposed to sprinkled throughout the platform)
  • New Search Bar: Currently allows you to easily search for contacts by email address. More search functionality to come.
  • Date Range Picker: This is a great example of an everyday task that is a massively better experience in Goldilocks than in “Net-Results Classic”.
    With shortcuts for commonly used date ranges, and an intuitive look that makes it simple to set any date range you choose, the new date range picker shows off why Goldilocks is just right
  • Send It! Automations: Once you’ve saved that email you’re working on, you’ll find a Send It! button in the email builder toolbar. Go ahead and click it!
    You’ll be able to choose one more Marketing Lists to include as recipients, and one or more marketing lists to exclude contacts as well.
    Set your launch date and time and Send It!
    Send It! Automations are a simple, quick way to get that email out the door to the right recipients, and another example of how Goldilocks makes things easier.
  • Notification Center: Goldilocks includes a new Notification Center. This is where you’ll be notified when reports are ready, export jobs have completed, and when platform updates have gone live.
    Down the road you’ll be able to opt in/out of additional notifications.
  • Recent Items: As a convenience, we’ve added a Recent Items drop down menu. We have more work to do here as not all items you touch show up in this menu just yet, but they will before long
  • Dark Mode: Some of us just love apps that provide a dark mode, so we baked that into Goldilocks. It’s so easy to switch modes (and to discover where the switch is located) we’re willing to bet you’ll find it in seconds
  • New Personal Preferences
    • Date Format
      European customers rejoice! Set your preferred date format once and see it change across the entire platform
    • Time Format
      European customers rejoice again! Choose to use a 24 clock vs. a 12 hour with AM/PM
    • Time Zone
      Dates and times throughout the platform take your preferred time zone into account
  • New Account Settings and Info
    • Account profile
    • Improved billing section
  • New Automation Types: Add contacts to / remove them from any List automatically when they meet conditions of your choosing.
    Just set your conditions and tell Net-Results whether to run this Automation one time or perpetually!
    • Add to Marketing List
    • Add to Subscription List
    • Remove from Marketing List
    • Remove from Subscription List
  • Contact Detail View: We’ve overhauled the Contact Detail page to provide a more intuitive experience and expose more capabilities.
  • Account Detail View: We’ve overhauled the Account Detail page to provide a more intuitive experience and expose more capabilities.
  • One-Off Emails: Need to send that email to a single recipient and don’t want to set up a whole Automation (formerly a Campaign) just to do it? Send a One-Off email!
    When viewing any contact (that has a valid email address), open the Actions menu and you’ll find the option to send a One-Off Email.
  • Improved DataGrid Experience
    Pages like My Emails, My Forms, etc. are known as DataGrids. We made several improvements that streamline your experience.

    For example, headers and footers stay pinned in place while the data in the grid scrolls. This makes it easier to stay oriented as column names, sorting selection, and pagination always remain in view.
  • Coming Soon
    • Choose which columns you’d like displayed in different DataGrids
    • Drag-and-drop to re-order columns
    • Pin columns to the left or right side
    • And more 😉

Goldilocks FAQ

Is all of my data going to transfer to Goldilocks or do I need to create all new content?

All of your data (contacts, emails, campaigns, forms, everything) that is in your current Net-Results account is already available in Goldilocks. No data migration is needed!

Is there a timeline in which I need to move over to Goldilocks?

No! We do not want to rush any of our customers into Goldilocks. At the current time, we do not have a date in which we will require use of Goldilocks

Will I still have access to Net-Results Classic(the existing platform)?

Yes! You will still have access to Net-Results Classic. Please ensure that if you are switching between the two, you make sure to log out from one before logging into the other.

Will all users need to use Goldilocks in order for me to have access to it?

No! Access to Goldilocks and Net-Results Classic is not based on all users using one or the other. Items you create in Goldilocks (contacts, emails, campaigns, forms, everything) will show up and be editable in Net-Results Classic and vice-versa with few exceptions. Goldilocks has some new features that are not available in Net-Results Classic.

Will using Goldilocks change my pricing?

No! Access to Goldilocks is included in your contract and your price plan will not change. If you ever need to discuss your price plan feel free to email;

Will I need a different username / password to access Goldilocks?

Nope, your current login information will work with Goldilocks

I can't find my Campaigns, where did they go?

Campaigns have been renamed to “Automations” in the new platform.
Why? Because a Marketing Campaign encompasses much more than a workflow or drip series: it includes landing pages, forms, ads, social media, and more.
We’ve changed Campaigns to Automations in the new platform so we can bring the word Campaigns back in the future with attribution reporting by channel, source, and asset!

What do I do if I find an issue/have any questions within Goldilocks

We have a form where you can submit any issues you find or provide feedback you have. And of course, you can reach out to the Customer Success team at They are happy to assist and answer any questions that you may have!

I would like a walkthrough of Goldilocks with a member of the Customer Success Team. Can I schedule some time?

Absolutely! As always, you have unlimited access to schedule time with our Customer Success Team via our calendar . Additionally, we plan on having a live webinar in which we will go over Goldilocks and answer any questions you may have. Make sure to be on the lookout for an invite to join this.

What is the best way to provide feedback to the Net-Results' team on Goldilocks?

Great question! Please provide us feedback here. Or always feel free to email us at We look forward to any and all feedback from our customers.

Will the Knowledge Base be updated with relevant information on Goldilocks?

Yes, our Customer Success Team is hard at work creating new content for our Knowledge Base.

Will the user profiles be any different than what they are now?

Yes, but not yet. Goldilocks will use a far more flexible role-based permissions model that will be rolled out in the future.

Updated on March 11, 2024

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