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What is a Send It Automation?
How to create a Send it Automation.

What are Send It Automations?

Send it Automations give you the ability to send email blasts to your contacts quickly, straight from the Net-Results Email Builder. A Send It Email Automation sends a single email to your contacts based on any Marketing Lists & Subscription Lists of your choosing.

How to create a Send It Automation?

Within the Net-Results email builder, there are two ways in which you can create a Send It Automation.

The first option is within this email itself! In the top right corner, you will see the “Send It” button.

The second option is via the Actions tab on the Emails page.

Upon selection of this button, within the email or from the Emails page, a folder will appear that will allow you to set your settings.

  • First gave your Send It automation a name.
  • Next, if desired, provide a quick description of the Send It Automation for your team.
  • Type to filter to add any Marketing Lists and or Subscription Lists you would like to send this email to. You can also add any Marketing Lists and or Subscription Lists, which you would like to exclude.
  • Then use our date picker to select the date and time on which you would like for your campaign to be sent.
  • Save by selecting “Send it”.

Your Send It Automation is set up and ready to go!

This Automations and any other Send It Automations statistics will be available to you via your Automations Dashboard. 

Video: Send It Automation Walkthrough

Please reach out to the Customer Success Team at with any questions on Send It Automations.

Updated on September 5, 2023

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