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How to create a Scheduled Report

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How to Create a Scheduled Report

Looking for data on how Contacts are getting to your website? Schedules Reports is an excellent way to get data delivered directly to your inbox. Scheduled reports are emailed directly to you & contain and HTML report in the body of the email as well as an attached CSV. To create a new report, navigate to:

Reporting > Scheduled Reports > Create New

The Rundown Report allows you to view the Top 10 Visitors, Traffic Sources, Searches, and Pages Viewed for the selected Segment during the reporting period. 

Report Criteria

Report Name

Your Report Name will be displayed in the Subject of email as well as on the “Scheduled Reports” Page.

Report Frequency

You can choose to have your The Rundown Report delivered to you Daily, Weekly or Monthly. 

Reports will be sent out in the following cadence:

  • Daily: Every 24 hours
  • Weekly: Every Monday
  • Monthly: 1st of the Month

You also have the option to run an immediate report. This will deliver a one time report to your inbox and this report will not show on the “Scheduled Reports” Page. In addition, when you run an immediate report, you are able to select a date range for Net-Results to pull information from.

Report Segment

If you are looking for the Rundown on a specific group of Contacts, for example, everyone from a certain company, you will first create a Segment and then leverage the Segment in your Report. Segments are a great way to limit the scope of the report. For more information on Segments click here

Send Report To

You are able to send your report to as many emails as you would like. Be sure to separate each email with a “,”.

Getting Your Report

Once you have completed your Set up, click “Save” and your report will automatically be generated. Your email will contain a snapshot of The Rundown in HTML format. There will also be an attached file with information on Top Traffic Sources & Top Searches.

Check out this video to learn more!

Updated on September 27, 2023

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