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Benefits of Folders in the Email Builder

How to create a new Folder

Benefits of Email Folders

Folders help you stay organized and can be beneficial especially if multiple users create emails in your Net-Results account. Folder can be named anything you choose. For example a separate Folder could be made for new client emails or even for individual salesmen.

PRO TIP: However you choose to organize your folders it is best that all users of your Net-Results account understand and use a similar naming convention. 

All folders will be housed under the “Default Folder” (which you can rename) and be accessed on the My Emails page, in the upper left hand corner.

Create an Email Folder

Click Folders box in the upper left hand corner then on the settings (gear) icon. This will allow you to create a sub folder or rename your default folder.

Likewise, folders can be deleted by clicking on the setting/gear icon.

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