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Downloads Dashboard

You can view the performance of your assets via the Downloads Dashboard. Downloads refer to those assets with a URL that has been viewed by a contact. This URL is a direct path to the content itself, not a Landing Page on which the content is housed.

Tracking and reporting of downloaded content is dependent on having an authenticated subdomain setup with Net-Results.

Downloads Dashboard

The Dashboard allows you to filter by time frame as well as a specific document by using the drop-down options in the top right-hand corner. Additionally, you can apply a Segment to narrow the search of who is downloading your content. Read more on Segments here.

Create a Report

In addition to the metrics provided by the Downloads Dashboard, you can leverage a Report based on Pages Viewed to deliver a one-time immediate or regular (daily, weekly, monthly) breakdown to your inbox. (Or to the inbox of whomever you specify within or outside of Net-Results!)

Reports will be sent out in the following cadence:

  • Daily: Every 24 hours
  • Weekly: Every Monday
  • Monthly: 1st of the Month

You’ll want to narrow down which pages you’re pulling into your report, ensuring you capture only those URLs tied to downloads. To do this, consider filtering by extension (e.g. “.pdf”) or by extension (e.g. /products). Read more on Pages Viewed Reporting here.

Segmenting On Downloads

It is possible to segment based on downloaded assets by leveraging the Specific Page Viewed condition under Website Activity.

Asset segments in Goldilocks
Asset Segments in Net-Results Classic

Simply put, in order to download the content the asset must be opened and viewed at the provided URL. Since the URL is a direct path to the content itself, you can leverage the following condition:

Specific Page Viewed: [Does] / [Does Not] Match For: [Duration]

You can even specify the duration or amount of time someone spent viewing the page. For the purposes of downloaded content, it is recommended that you not make the timeframe too large. Downloaded content is more likely than landing page content to be saved and viewed at a later time.

Updated on September 27, 2023

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