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Image Folder Use

The image folder is a dedicated folder within your File Manager that is for images only.  Images uploaded to the Image Folder should be finalized images.

You cannot upload non-image-specific files types, such as .pdf, to the image folder. If you attempt to do so, an error will be thrown letting you know it is not a supported file type! These other file types belong in the Assets folder.

How To Upload An Image

  • Navigate to the Marketing Center -> File Manager
  • Ensure that the Image Folder is selected. Then, select the blue “upload” button in the upper left hand corner.

  • Upon selecting upload, a module will appear where you can either drag a file or select to find the file on your computer and upload it!

Available Image Options

When you right click on an image in the Image Folder, a menu will appear that has a few available options; it’ll look like the below:

  • Select File – select the current file.
  • Preview – catch a glimpse of the current file before adding it to an email or landing page.
  • Download download the file to your computer.
  • Copy – copy the file.
  • Cut – cut the file.
  • Duplicate – duplicate the file within the image folder.
  • Delete remove the file from the image folder.
  • Rename – rename the file within the image folder.
  • Resize & Rotate – Gives you the ability to resize and/or rotate the image. This option should only be used for minor tweaks to an image.
  • Copy Link – Allows you to copy the link path to the image within the image folder.
  • Get Info – Allows you to easily see the size, path, link, dimensions, last modification date, permissions for the image & whether it is locked or not!

Check out this video to learn more!

Updated on September 27, 2023

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