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What Accounts Are

What Are Accounts?

  • Accounts in Net-Results are normally used to represent “companies”. For example, “these 3 people (3 Contacts in Net-Results) all work at this one company (this one Account)”.
  • An Account is a “container” that holds Contacts.
  • Every Contact is/must be a member of an Account.
  • “-” is a valid Account. It can be used to satisfy the “must be part of an Account” requirement if you don’t care about Account names.
  • Accounts can be safely ignored if they are not important to you
  • When importing or working with Contacts, the “Company” field acts as an alias for the Account Name. If you create a Contact with a company name of Acme, you’ll find that an Account named Acme has been created and that there is 1 Contact in that Account.
  • You may create an unlimited number of Account Custom Fields if you like, just as you can do with Contacts
  • You may Segment on the values in any Account field (standard or custom) just as you can with Contact fields
Updated on January 20, 2020

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