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What Alerts are

Great use case for Alerts

What Are Alerts?

Alerts in Net-Results are notifications sent via email when a contact that qualifies for a particular segment visits a website that your account is tracking in Net-Results.

Great Use Case

Notifying your Sales team when one of their contacts visits the website is a great use of alerts! Set up a segment that qualifies contacts based on how your Sales teams territories are set up. Then, set up an alert (separate ones) for each sales rep leveraging those segments. Boom – your sales reps are notified when a contact in their territory visits the site!

Get even more specific – in the segment qualify the contacts based on sales rep’s territory AND based on which pages they visited. Only want to be alerted when the pricing page is viewed? Add a condition for “Specific Page Viewed Does Match” & there ya go!

Updated on January 20, 2020

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