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What are Contacts in Net-Results

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What Are Contacts

Contacts in Net-Results are individual, identified records. They could be prospects or existing customers, but each Contact represents a single person. Contacts may visit your website, receive Emails, accrue Lead Score, qualify for Segments, become members of Lists and participate in Campaigns or workflows. Contacts are at the core of Net-Results and many of the things you do will involve managing and communicating with Contacts.

Important Notes

  • You may create an unlimited number of Contacts
  • Net-Results will prevent the creation of multiple Contacts with the same email address
  • Each Contact may be a member of an unlimited number of Lists
  • Each List may have an unlimited number of Contacts associated with it
  • The total number of Contacts you create has no impact on your subscription fee, only mailable Contacts (those with a valid email address that is not bounced or unsubscribed)
Updated on January 20, 2020

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