Core Concepts

Net-Results natively integrations with many CRMs, however maybe there are times when you want to move data to or from Net-Results. There are a few options set up to help you accomplish the bidirectional transformation of data.


The Net-Results API, found here, is a robust system great for the code savvy teams. The API allows you to import contacts, set field values, add to lists, and much more. It allows you to customize the data that you are sending instead of using the UI tools in the platform.

Additionally, the API can pull information from Net-Results to another system or platform including reports, contact exports and emails.


For those not wanting to delve into code Net-Results connects to many third-party platforms via Zapier. You can find details on our Zapier integration here, but essentially Zapier leverages API calls with a user-friendly interface to connect Net-Results with your other platforms.

Updated on July 1, 2019

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