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What is Goldilocks? Why Did Net-Results create Goldilocks?

What is Goldilocks

Goldilocks is a fundamentally superior experience. It incorporates many wish list improvements and several new features.

Importantly, it is built from the ground up using leading technologies. Goldilocks is the foundation upon which we are already building additional features and capabilities.

Why did we create Goldilocks?

Net-Results was founded nearly 20 years ago. Privately held under the same ownership, we find ourselves in a great position in a thriving global market.

With an amazing team, an enduring commitment to support our friends and customers, and the fully modern foundation provided by Goldilocks, we are going long and building for the next 20 years.

Heres some of what you’ll experience:

  • A much faster platform wrapped in a gorgeous, modern experience
  • A completely new (and excellent!) Drip Series experience
  • A completely new Segment building experience
  • New “Automations” that make it super easy to automate common tasks
  • All new reporting infrastructure that will enable huge leaps forward

Read about dozens of Goldilocks features and improvements in the Goldilocks FAQ.

Happy Automating!

Updated on September 25, 2023

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