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About landings pages in Net-Results

HTML vs Drag & Drop builder

How Landing Pages match your brand

Net-Results landing pages allow you to easily build custom pages that match your brand. When you first set up your Net-Results instance, your DNS records will include a subdomain for landing pages, usually However, you are able to add as many subdomains for landing pages as you like and Net-Results will host them for you. For example, your company could use various subdomains for different types of pages:


The Net-results tracking beacon is automatically applied to all landing pages you create in Net-Results.

HTML builder vs. Drag and Drop Builder

The platform employs two types of landing pages builders and you are able to use one or both.

Drag and Drop

The Drag and Drop builder is a visual tool that allows you to fully customize landing pages. While you are able to use custom code modules on the landing page, coding is not required to use this builder.

  • This builder uses responsive design for desktop, tablet and mobile viewing
  • Use CSS to customize the look of your Net-Results Forms on a landing page
  • Build sales pages or CTAs
  • Add video and track watch time
  • and much more!

Read a full article on how to use the drag and drop builder here.


You’ll find that the custom HTML landing page builder shares the same look and feel with our email builder. It’s a familiar tool and easy to work with.

Custom HTML or our “Classic” Landing page builder should typically never be used unless you are well versed in code. This is not a feature that is actively supported by our Customer Success team anymore, so if you’re using this you’ll want to make sure you have a web developer available!

  • We’ve added a button that allows you to embed your Net-Results forms with ease
  • Leverage responsive design in your custom HTML
  • Go to town with custom CSS – It’s your HTML and there are no restrictions
  • Preview your landing pages in both browser and mobile formats
  • Add Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and/or custom javascripts in your HTML as you choose (custom javascript will not be executed in the builder itself, but is executed in the preview)
Updated on February 11, 2020

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