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Why use Reports

Who Reports are Sent From

Leveraging Segments in Reporting

Why use Reports

To make it easy on yourself, of course! Net-Results can email reports on a daily, weekly, monthly or immediate (one-time) basis. Setting up a perpetual nurture campaign for a Welcome Stream? Set up a weekly scheduled report at the time of campaign launch and get stats delivered right to your inbox weekly!

Who Reports are Sent From?

All Reports will come from We recommended you ‘white list’ this address in your spam filters or add it to your address book to ensure you receive these emails.

Leveraging Segments

Segments are key when it comes to reporting. Create a segment for a particular region of your country, then pull a form report for one specific form. You’ll get a CSV delivered with the form submissions of the contacts who qualify for the segment you applied.

We’ve seen this used a lot when it comes to Sales Reps managing specific regions. Reports can be set up to be sent out to each of the sales reps that leverage segments where their regions are applied as the conditions!

Updated on January 20, 2020

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