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Why use Subscriptions for your business

Subscription behavior in Net-Results

Subscriptions vs Lists

Why use Subscriptions for your business

Subscriptions allow your customers to tell you what type of communication they want to receive from your business. They can be leveraged to send specific types of email to groups of contacts and overall help improve your deliverability by ensuring that your subscribers only receive the emails that are relevant to them.

Additionally, Subscriptions provide a way for customers to opt out of certain communication while still be available to receive other types, without having to unsubscribe from your emails completely.

In the long term, subscriptions help improve brand trust because customers are able to engage with your brand in way that is relevant to them.

Subscription Behavior in the platform

Subscriptions are “opt-in” and function exactly like Net-Results Lists. You can add Contacts to or Remove them from Subscriptions…

  • Via a “Modify Subscriptions” form action
  • Via a “Modify Subscriptions” campaign action
  • From the “My Contacts” page
  • When uploading a .csv file
  • Via the Contact:submitContactImport API method

Subscrptions vs Lists

Both subscriptions and lists:

  • Can be used as Campaign participants
  • Can be used as a Segment condition
  • Contacts can be on multiple lists and subscriptions at once


Lists are internal-facing to you. You control who is on your lists and only you see this. The customer doesn’t see the lists they’re on. This is so you can group contacts in a way that makes sense for your emailing purposes. Lists are built by you (the marketer or user of Net-Results) and they are controlled by you. The recipient of your communications cannot unsubscribe from a list because it’s an internal group of contacts or leads.


Although subscriptions are similar to lists from a coding standpoint, subscriptions are maintained by your contacts/recipients. You build the subscriptions and then you can allow your recipients to control which subscriptions they want to opt-in or opt-out of via a preference center form. Subscriptions are different than lists in the sense that contacts can unsubscribe from specific subscriptions without unsubscribing from all of your emails as a whole. Subscriptions are customer-facing so that your recipients know where they stand in terms of the types of communications they are receiving from you.

Updated on January 20, 2020

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